Thursday, December 31, 2020

Last One Out of 2020 .. Turn Off the Lights!

And then put a bullet in its fucking head! We don't want no zombie 2020 coming back to eat us alive!

Wasn't going to make a caption or anything for NYE, but then I had this picture saved from a year or two ago, and hadn't done anything with it, so I just threw it into a caption setting, and figured, "whatever I write, I write," and that is what I did. Hopefully you'll agree with the sentiment, and for those who actually had a good year, just remember, "you lucked out .. many of us are swimming upstream still without floatees or a life jacket." Do be someone that lifts people out of the water, not hold their heads beneath.

The main reason I wanted to post though, is I really don't know if Helena is OK or not. She had brain surgery at the beginning of July, and I haven't heard from her since .. nor has anyone else that knows her. Before that, she had a stroke, and they were going to remove a blood clot from her brain. Here is what she said a day or two before the surgery:

Ever since my dad's stroke, getting one myself was one of my biggest fears, so before I agreed to the surgery I needed to be in agreement with the medical team at what point treatment is stopped, if things go south. I don't want my fear to become a living nightmare.

I hope my post won't get you down too much, and I really hope to see you all back in a few weeks. But I realize that this may be the last time we speak, If so, I hope there is a Haven next to Heaven, and maybe it has it's own Reaper to take me there. Yeah, sorry but I love that cap, and somehow it seems appropriate.)
You girls and guys made my life richer. Thank you all for that.

So long and thanks for all the fish.
Love Helena

I really fucking HATE this damn year! 

Anyway, there is an annual thing here now, and it was started because Helena was awesome, and loved to talk about traditions in her own country .. that I do every year now on this blog. In her words:

Over here we have a seasons greeting, "Zalig uiteinde" meaning as much as a blissful ending of the year, combined with a happy new year. I can't recall ever hearing or reading of a similar greeting in English, so to a good Dutch custom: A blissful ending of the year, and a happy new year.

Here's what Helena had to say a few years ago when I offered that toast to everyone. "I raise my glass to this cap and the New Year.It always raises my spirits when I know I touched someone on some way, even if it is with something small." I hope she realized how much of a different she made to many of us on the Haven, and here on this blog as well. if she is truly gone, there's a big fucking hole in our community!

For each and every visitor, commenter, and fellow captioner, I wish you "Zalig uiteinde!!"


  1. Happy New Year, Dee! And "Zalig uiteinde" to you too and all sisters out there! What a wonderful sentiment, to combine a peaceful ending of a year with a wish for a brighter new one. :)

    Prayers for Helena. I can hardly imagine how many of us would go over the edge if any more bad news hits in what has been an execrable year. :( Please please be alright, Helena!

    I agree with you about this year: I will not miss 2020 one bit. The Chinese having a saying about holding on for a brighter future. "Keep a green mountain, and you'll never lack for firewood." (Liú dé qīng shān zài, bù pà méi chái shāo 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧). Yeah, it sounds odd to translate that literally, but it has a deep meaning. The "green mountain" is a metaphor for the person herself; so long as she keeps the light of life bright within herself, she can rebuild and renew.

    The year 2020 has brought grief and loss to so many of us. Yet we have held on and are still holding on, not giving up in face of disaster or despair. Blessedness and hugs to you in this New Year! Stay green. <3

    1. Thank you, Sweetie! This year just HAS to be better, right?

      I like the expression too, and I am looking forward to that green mountain!

  2. Another year pass, another possibly change, but this time its different!

    1. We can certainly hope so. I'll settle for a boring-ass/drab year with no major excitement.

  3. I love that phrase, “let’s all be different together”. Things can only get better from here on.

    1. Very true, and that 2nd to last paragraph is the hear of the caption .. and the main point I was trying to make.

      I'm glad that this connected with you!