Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Honestly, What Kind of Friend Do You Think I Am?

Well, what would you do for your "Canadian Girlfriend" because all this has to be worth it, you know?

I am thinking that this might take a Playstation 5 (upgraded from the original caption!) or an X Box X for the normal guy. At the very least, I'd want a Oculus Quest 2 .. so get out your credit cards and reward your mistress! LOL My guess is that many of my usual peeps would do this for free!

Made this back in March of 2018, and posted it in July of that year .. and it got ZERO comments! Seems weird, because it's gotten almost 5k views, so people obviously liked it enough to look at it. So, maybe a bunch of web crawling bots saw it, but none of the regulars did? So it just MIGHT be new to you!

Would I have done this if a friend asked back when I was in High School? Hmm, I don't think I'd have any friends that were THAT desperate, or if they were, they'd probably have tried to bribe an actual girl. In that case though, there was always a chance of being caught pretending, so maybe a guy pretending to be a girl would be the actual better route.

I bet that Courtney Captisa could write a great story around this set-up and make it work. She could call it, "I Was a Teenage Canadian Girlfriend!"

Sort of jealous of the young generation today that seems to get way more opportunities to bend their gender than when I was young. How many videos do you see on Youtube of "my boyfriend did my makeup, and then I did his!" out there? Or "I made my little brother dress up in my skirt and heels!" Certainly did not seem like a lot of that going on when I was a teenager in a public learning institution! Was that something I missed as an only child? I had sort of missed the Goth boys in guy-liner Cure look and the spandex and hair spray pretty-boy rockers in the late 80's period, and got stuck with the "Everyone looks like a friggin' lumberjack" 1990's fashion!

For discussions, comment about whether your family and/or friends knew anything about it, and if so, what did they do to help you out?

For this caption, it's a blog exclusive, so any thoughts you have about the scenario or the construction of the caption, please comment below. Anything you'd like to see next posted here on the blog?

Sooooo, I might whip something up for New Year's Eve posting. Not sure yet. Depends on what I can find that will give me a good idea to work with. I am just hoping 2021 is much better, and not just 2020 part 2 .. the never-ending shit show! Fingers crossed!

Ahhh, a Canadian band singing about their new girlfriend that's a lot like you! Sounds perfect!


  1. Ah, the classic Canadian Girlfriend gambit! A wonderful cap as always, I don't think I was following the blog when this first posted so it's new to me!

    1. Yes, I have used our awesome friends up north in a number of captions .. enough that there is a keyword for people to search them out in the "Dee-tails and Entrails" section in the right hand column. Right now I have 25 posts with that tag!

  2. Fake Canadian crossdressing girlfriends with 80s Canadian rock accompaniment? Are you *trying* to seduce me, Dee?

    Yes, you're right, many of us would do it for free, but if the boy is desperate, and he feels he needs to pay for our time to make it less awkward, who are we to refuse? :)

    1. You definitely would have ended up with another red-bottom if you hadn't replied to this. It was like a moose mating call out to you!

      Maybe I WAS trying to seduce you! I don't have a Canadian girlfriend at this moment in time, so you'll have to play that roll for me now!

      As I mentioned up above, I am up to like 15 posts with the "Canadian" tag, so it's not just a random thing, it's an actual thing! I am pretty sure my ancestors came from the Great White North, so I guess it just calls out to me!

  3. I'm not easy but I'm cheap....I bet I could do a thriving barter business if my wife would let me post some of the stuff in the "Family Album"...
    I knew a few people with "Canadian" girlfriends but I never doubted their reality back then....I was kind of naive I guess...
    I'm surprised I missed this one back then...but I'm glad you reposted it cause I liked it quite a bit!!!
    In case I don't get a chance tomorrow....
    Have a Happy New Year Dee....maybe we can leave the shitstorm that was 2020 behind....
    Much love and kisses
    From Me and the Mrs.