Sunday, December 27, 2020

A Flight of Fancy for Lexi!

Flying the Friendly Skies of Mentia Airlines!

Yes, I KNOW that isn't an airline cockpit! It's called dramatic license. Hmmm, people don't seem to have issues with a reality of guys turning into women .. but they still want realism in their magical captions!

Yeah, I am building a straw man, or a wicker man. NO, not the bees! Um, where the hell was I?

This is my first non-holiday caption in awhile. It was nice to just look a some pictures online and have a story come to me, pretty much wrapped in a bow. Well, the zinger at the end did. I just had to work my way forward and fill in the backstory. And in this case, I love the "gotcha" part, but I needed an actual hook to keep people reading, and for Lexi to enjoy the "journey" so to speak.

And since I don't know her that well yet, I'm not sure if she's a large/tall man in real life. I love the idea of being in a different body type .. so in this case, not only did he become female, but became very petite. How interesting would that be to not only have a different sense of self with different body parts, but also the social ramifications of the dynamics in perception. Looking up at things, and not being able to reach them. How people aren't intimidated by your looks .. and perhaps guys looking at you as sexual prey instead of competition. I thought that was something to mention in addition to my initial idea.

So, hopefully Lexi will enjoy it .. at least as much as I did when I was writing it up. Also, sorry to anyone that works for an airline. I'm sure that YOU aren't at fault for any of these issues! Now, I'm wondering if Lexi should have put a GPS tracker on her junk so it wouldn't get misplaced!

Anyone have TG plans for this 'holiday week" between Christmas Day and New Years Day? Would love to hear about it, and how it went. Also, talking about your best/worst airport / airplane / travel jaunts might be some fun as well, along with the standard caption chatter!


  1. I would actually love to go take a trip as a woman. I mean, when I think about really making a go of dressing up, like more than in my apartment for myself or some guy, I wonder if I could ever work up the courage to just go to another city and spend a weekend as the other me.

    Hope all is well! Happy New Year!

    1. Well, as long as you aren't flying, you should be fine .. I just saw your Christmas Eve post and you definitely have a kicking body for it! I will be commenting there once I finish following up here on my blog.

      And I'm sure that many guys have done what you mentioned. I mean, how many TG stories are there on FM or other places about that setup .. guy goes on a trip, has his luggage lost or something, then had to pretend to be a woman, or ends up wearing women's clothing. Lots of boutiques out there also offer the "Dress up package" of a makeover, photographs, and hotel/party all in one. Maybe save up a bit and go for it is what I'm saying!

  2. While I have never really had a legroom problem....I've never really enjoyed flying....I went with my wife once on the corporate jet and while it was comfortable it was also seemed far too small to be up in the sky....thankfully the time of zipping across the continent to see a client is over for now!!!!
    I have never flown as Kaaren....TSA and all that....but remind me to tell you the story of the metal detector and the steel chastity cage one of these days!!!
    It was a nice cap and that last line was funny enough to make me laugh out loud....I think my wife will enjoy this one too....I'll show it to her when she has breakfast....
    In the meantime I'm going to look up the rules on lost baggage auctions down in Houston!!!!

    1. Truthfully, I haven't flown since 1999, so I missed all of the TSA stuff that was enacted after 2001. I wasn't a fan of flying, mostly due to cramped spaces .. I think I'm slightly claustrophobic, and one of my true fears is being buried alive .. luckily the flight was direct one way, and a stopover in Baltimore on the way back so I survived, plus on the flight down, I had just worked a 12 hour overnight so I slept for most of it.

      Glad you liked the caption. I'm sure a corporate jet is wonderful to fly in, as is first class. Wonder if Mrs. K has thought about feminizing any of her co-workers or clients (for fun of course as a fantasy) and starting up a harem where you cold be promoted to lead sissy! I mean, someone has to help them learn the ropes, and restraints, and chastity devices!

      I can't wait to read about the chastity cage/metal detector as I have one nipple pierced and it's gone off a few times, so they have to wand me to make sure it's not something else. I had also thought about the baggage auction places down south. Lexi is from Nashville I believe, and I wondered if they had one there, which would make the caption less effective.

  3. We should all have such problems. I hope he has something to change into after a long flight.

    1. Yeah, I'm guessing that she'll be able to slip into something more comfortable soon enough! Maybe some leftover clothing from an ex, or perhaps he's married and his wife gets to tower over HIM for once?!?

  4. Actually I'm 6'6" and built like a NFL lineman so this cap hit the nail on the head. Thanks Dee, I love it.

    1. So glad then that it all worked out for the best, and it fit you properly! I will have to keep this info in mind for future usage!