Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dressing Up Your Stupid Masculine Theory!

Not sure exactly where I was going with this one, and I'm not sure I actually got there either!

But you can't deny the picture is pretty damn sweet!

I would suck at being a woman, mostly because I am not flexible enough to do that bra thing behind my back, and would have to do front-loading bras or just attach it in front and then spin it around! That is possibly the shittiest thing about being single at the moment, is that I don't have her around to scratch that point in my back that I can't reach on my own. I do have a back scratcher that she bought for me and put it in my Christmas stocking last year .. for when she was at work and I needed that itch taken care of, but I do also get ingrown hairs on my back that she'd tweezer out for me too. That's when you know that it's true love, when they'll do that, or pop a sweat pimple on your ass!

Ummm, where was I? Oh yeah.teaching guys a lesson! That's it! And hopefully this guy will learn from his mistakes .. or just move the goal posts and light some straw men on fire. I mean, we don't HAVE to change him back, now do we? Maybe he'll just let men do everything for him and perpetuate whatever tired, worn out gender roles he's been deluding himself under. You tell me down below what happens, and if I was able to craft a coherent blog exclusive caption between the picture and the story.

So, check the last few blog posts for the details on the DIY Christmas Caption Challenge I am offering to those who either make captions themselves .. or you write something up to go with the picture and sentence I have supplied .. and I'll make it FOR YOU. You want to star in it too? I can make that happen .. but you have until midnight this Sunday to submit to me .. you know you want to!

I miss the Dresden Dolls. They were supposed to do a tour this year, but you know 2020. We can't have nice things, now can we?


  1. It’s a coherent caption. That guy will most definitely have to experience life perpetuating his outdated view on gender roles.

    1. Yay! Glad we have people that understood it. I'm not sure I always get the gist out to my readers all the time, but at least they usually will enjoy the pictures!

  2. I totally support him in his commitment to "prove" himself "right". I think he should just keep working on "mastering" the whole femininity thing until he does "prove" that being a woman is "easy".


    1. Definitely. It's that whole masculine pride that is going to make him regret how far down he is going to fall into femininity .. until he figures out that he really likes it. Or that was his plan all along!