Saturday, December 12, 2020

Seeing Things Clearly Now!

If I was REALLY so smart, then why did I party so much as a youth?

I was actually very smart, but because I was so precocious as a child, I never learned proper study habits, and I suspect that I was/am ADHD or ADD or some other sort of acronym .. at some point I got overwhelmed, and ditched everything and just did whatever I needed to survive. Didn't help I lost my mother early on, and had a child way before I could handle one emotionally .. so what am I getting at? Well, who is to say that I couldn't have solved the physical barrier between men and women .. to create flesh that matches ones desires and manifests them from fantasy into a very plausible reality?

Mad they call me! Mad? Me? Why yes, I could have been completely bonkers! Maybe I am no matter how much I did or didn't study! But I'm really mad that they cannot cure my astigmatism! And I think that is the main reason why I wrote this caption. I went and got contacts again because .. I hate having glasses steam up in stores and at work because of our masks, and we aren't getting rid of them soon, sorry to report to those of you who think we're done with them in a month or two. I would venture that maybe by the end of the summer, we MIGHT be able to not have to wear them out in public.

So, why does this still make me mad, even though I have contacts? Well .. I have such a bad astigmatism, that they can only correct my vision up to a certain extent so .. I can wear contacts in public, but if I try to read anything, or look at things close up .. I have to put on reading glasses! Uggh! Today I actually ventured out to a store, and FORGOT my reading glasses, so it was a bunch of squinting and furrowed brows trying to figure out prices and such. Finally I said, "screw it!" but mostly because the register lines were so long, I will order whatever I need online and then have them bring it to my car!

Long story long, this is a caption that was fun to write, but mostly a chance to gripe about my vision, or lack there of! All you sighted people .. be happy. And if you have a good hairline and no bald spot .. you hit the genetic jackpot! I hate you!


One more day for people to get in on the DIY Christmas Challenge, where you don't even have to make a caption yourself, just provide a short story, and I'll whip it up for you! Go back a few posts and you'll see the details. So far, it's just one from me, and one from Caitlyn Masked, so I am hoping I'll get some more. Oh, and Sally Bend just submitted one as well, so we're at 3. Let's get more!

Also, this MIGHT be the last normal caption before Christmas! I know, huh? I have 8 holiday captions, plus the one I made for the DIY Challenge, so there's like 13 days left before Christmas happens. They range from naughty, to silly, to poignant and all ranges in between. How much quality has been placed into each one individually? I can't say at the moment. It's been a fucked up year, and it hasn't stopped. There is no KILLER caption that I can see right now, but I also have time to adapt and adjust if need be AND I have more ideas which could lead to more holiday captions! Hopefully you will find at least a few entertaining or titillating 



  1. As I've said on my blogs, I'm an avid eyes were never great but I did OK on the vision tests and dodged having to wear glasses in school....which I'm sure would have been just one more reason for the jock assholes to abuse me...
    As time has gone by my wife got tired of hearing me bitch about those bastard publishers using smaller and smaller print....and bought me some cute reading glasses....I now have several pairs strategically placed around the wherever I am I can actually read if I want to!!!
    I loved the cap...but I enjoyed your explanation more....I often do...I could sympathize about that trip to the store without your glasses...I've been there and done that...which is why I've gotten in so much trouble for overspending so many times!!!

    1. Yes indeed, sometimes what I've written up in the blog is much more entertaining that what I put in the caption! I got contacts when I turned 14 years old, and immediately became a whole new person, well at least according to the girls that were now interested in me!

      I go the other way wen it comes to stores. I've been semi-homeless, so if I can't read the price, I assume it's too much money and put it back! People call me cheap, but I say I'm thrifty, but I do know what time is worth, so often I'll pay someone else to do something if I think it'll take me too much time and effort to do the same thing a professional will take like an hour to finish.

      And I hope all the reading glasses stashed around the house are all cute ones, like cat's eye frames with lots of rhinestones and animal prints so you can look like a 50's princess!