Sunday, November 15, 2020

You're Still Going to be in the Wedding Party!

This picture just brought out this story that I'd probably would have loved to have happen ..

.. at almost every wedding I've ever been too, starting from when I was 7, and probably still to this day!

I am not a fan of weddings truthfully, though one I went to a few years ago was fun because they had an open bar, and my GF and I were one of the few people that was sober. In general though, I'm still a dude, and I definitely avoid weddings, and try to get out of going to receptions too.

However, having a situation like this one, or being a female in a horrible bridesmaid dress .. not so much, and I think there's something emotional and possibly hormonal about women and weddings, and how much getting all dolled up and dancing about makes them get all weird and sexy, and sexy weird. Maybe it's the whole "fairy tale" thing ingrained upon girls, or just all the social niceties involved, that I would like to experience from the feminine side of the equation. Maybe I'd understand it better, or find out that it is completely irrational .. either way I'm sure I'd learn SOMETHING!

And yes, I snagged the photo at the same time that I found the "southern girl" picture, and just had to save it for some future use, which was only 2 days later. I think what I like the most about it, which was the last part I added, is in that first paragraph, as the second sentence .. "Weddings are no fun for boys like me!" because, before then, the mom was just saying that he didn't have to be a ring bearer. With that added line, now you aren't sure if she was saying he didn't have to be a ring bearer, or that he didn't have to be a boy .. which in this case, both ended up being true. Though that does lessen the impact of the kiss on the lips from the bride. Still though, I think it ties the caption up in a nicer, little bow than what I originally had planned. Plus I used the name Casey as that could be either a boy or a girl name, so perhaps if Casey was originally a flower girl, maybe she didn't want to be one as well, so they solved a problem quite easily!

One last thought. Since this is a youth oriented caption, I am going to pull down the image within the week or so. If you like the caption, you might want to save it while you can, because I am pretty sure I will be taking it down soon. A friend of the blog had her TG caption site pulled down, and I wonder if it had to do with her subject material, often a dad/sons to mother/daughter change ... even though it was all quite innocent ... and it made me think that maybe that had something to do with it, so I'm going to try to keep this blog up and viable without any censorship issues. 

I am still running the AMA (ask me anything) so lets get some questions flowing in the comments, or just talk about any wedding fantasies you've had. Are you the bride? Bridesmaid? Flower girl? Waitress? Mother of the Bride? Tell us down below!


  1. Hey, Dee - long time no chat, but I promise to do better at keeping in touch. :)

    I've always wanted to marry again, but this time as the bride. I want that whole experience of a day of pampering, of getting my hair and makeup done, and of wearing such a gorgeous dress.

    Oh, and I absolutely love the Honeymoon Suite song! They're local boys, and I've been a fan since I was . . . well, not as young as Libby, but pretty darned close.

    1. Good to hear. I read your email from awhile back. Sorry I hadn't replied. Had some issues come up, but things are sort of balancing again. I was just on a major depressive state for a bit.

      Of course, who DOESN'T want to be pampered! Well, I don't want to be diapered, but any sort of pampering is definitely on my list of things I need!

      I saw Honeymoon Suite back in 1986 I think, opening up for Heart. They were really good, and I had their 1st two records, as I had heard "New Girl Now" when I was pretty young, and liked it. My GF apparently was a big fan of theirs as well in the 80's too, because she loved "One Crazy Summer" which the above song was on the soundtrack.