Saturday, November 21, 2020

This Chair Is NOT Like A Bench .. I Promise!

I love it when weird lyrics inspire me to make a caption. Which song is it from? Take a guess!

Did you guess correctly? I hope you did!

I am/was a lyricist in every original band I've been in. As the singer, you want the words to matter to you, and the best way to get some passion into them, and feel them, is to create them yourself. I was also the arranger, usually the lone arranger (Hi-ho Silver!) where the other musicians would write riffs/melodies and I would pick what I liked, and what each piece was, so that I could make the song flow best. From there, I could suggest different chords, shortening or lengthening bars, etc ..

I understand where the words, "and no one heard at all, not even the chair," meant something to Neil Diamond .. and goddess knows he's written a ton of best selling songs, but that is an awful lyric, regardless of who wrote it. For some reason, it's stuck with me though, probably because it's so bad, it's become good again, even if only ironically. Others include Neil's "Song she brang to me." and Steve Miller's "knows exactly what the facts is" .. uggh, grammar should be our friends!

So, by changing two words, I made the lyrics mean more to our community, I think. And that "emptiness deep inside," could be taken two ways, either the metaphorical missing something emotional that will fulfill our longing, or .. she wants the man meat, or perhaps artificial phallus type object, either inserted manually or of a strap-on variety. And isn't that what is so wonderful about music and poetry .. it has different meanings for different people, and it's all in the translation / interpretation?!?

Speaking of, if you feel like the chair changed her, I'm fine with it. Guess that would maybe make the song make more sense. If it can change you, perhaps its sentience could make it hear and talk?

More captions on the way, including one Sunday night, as long as I have time to write it up. Not sure which one it will be, so it's nice to have options. Enjoy this bit of silliness, and comment below on the caption, or mention some songs that you like that you cringe about the lyrics, whether they have improper grammar, are nonsensical, or just stupid beyond reason!


  1. Dee, my sis, you are full of surprises, and who knew that you were so musical? You alluded to it once or twice before, but it's nice to see that you are now feeling more comfortable shouting out the wrong things that have gripped hold of song lyrics these days. I almost feel that people are trying so hard to be "hip" that they forget to actually songwrite and "hop."

    Personally, I think the deficit lies in people's shrinking imaginations of what's possible. One of my favorite songs is the classic 1963 song "Surfer Girl," by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Here are the opening lyrics:

    Little surfer little one
    Made my heart come all undone
    Do you love me, do you surfer girl
    Surfer girl my little surfer girl

    I have watched you on the shore
    Standing by the ocean's roar
    Do you love me do you surfer girl

    I just love how the words of the song seem to flow into each other and complement the chords and melody. Might you be willing to share sometime a song that you've written and performed with your band? I would be ecstatic to hear it! ^^

    1. I try to leave little bits of me throughout the blog, as I think that is one of the reasons people drop by now and again, to see the link between the creations I make and why I make them the way I do.

      I wouldn't be so bold as to put the current generation of musicians and lyricists up against one of the most talented of all time, a genius like Brian Wilson, well at least he was in the 60's. Not many could go up with his creative output in that decade, in that rarefied air that Lennon and McCartney breathed.

      Any notoriety I achieved was very localized and mostly college radio based, and in the pop punk genre of the mid 90's. I assume you'll understand that I want to keep that life very much separate from what I am posting here, though I appreciate your fervor in wishing to hear something. Maybe someday.

    2. I entirely understand and respect your wish for privacy, sis. 90's pop punk rock rules. :) I was just hoping that we might jam and cook up some jazz together, and improvise some riffs, maybe someday, although I'm likely far less of a musician compared with your talents. Guitar, piano, and flute---those are my instruments, held in clumsy hands and yet still played.

      Guess what? I actually composed a song for you the other day. The melody filled my mind while I was tossing and turning from insomnia. I still have yet to write it down on bar and staff, but it's a good tune, for a good sister. ^^

    3. Thanks sweetie! I am just dangerous enough to bang out some chords on a guitar, and I've played bass enough to write music and play my bands stuff. I took piano lessons when younger, so many times I'll write melodies on that, and then try to transfer it onto guitar or bass. I'm thinking for the next round of pandemic lock-down, I am going to get my new amp out of storage and hunker down and start practicing again. I've been doing electronic music for far too long now, and need to start playing actual instruments again.

      And awww, thanks for thinking of me! I am glad you are back, but I'm sure you'll disappear again for a few weeks at some point because you are so super busy! Mwah!

  2. Thank you for the memory. I enjoyed those days.