Sunday, November 22, 2020

A Public Service Announcement For Those Recently Turned Into Women!

I used to live with THREE women of various ages. I know exactly what to do if this happens!

Wanted to post something tonight, but there's been some issues in my family (will 2020 ever fuckin' end already?) so I went back quickly and found something I posted about 3 years ago. If you didn't see it here back in 2017, then it's new to you! And Ian was the only one to comment back then, so feel free to chat about this blog exclusive down below!

Here's what I said back then:

As per the last post, I've been finding stock photos that are relatively harmless and putting them through the TG captioning process. I decided that I wanted to do one tonight, and limited myself to 15 minutes in finding a picture and 15 minutes in creating the caption.

This time I used the actual thread of the article that contained the photo inside of it. It's a Mental Floss story about the many uses of Peanut Butter, which you can find HERE. Don't say I never try to teach you anything!

Anywho, the thought was, what if one of the many uses was changing women back into men? Of COURSE that isn't real, so why not play with that? Just by swapping the order on which he talks about needing a solution, we can have the word play needed to make my *dad joke* setup possible.

And as an additional fact, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that peanuts are not actually nuts, but are a legume, like beans and lentils. Therefore I get an additional bit of word play in there, and kill what had become dead space. Totally shameless, and my dad would be proud, I'm sure!

And I ran out of time when adding the title, so I was off by 2 minutes total. Oh well! Nice little filler TG caption for a Saturday night when I'm hunkered down because it finally decided to be seasonal, temperature wise this weekend. Hope everyone else out there is as warm, or as cool, as one wants to be at this time of the year, in the location of your choosing!

 Just remember girls, you are what you eat!


  1. I had heard about this...and even though my hair reaches about the middle of my back now I never had to worry because I was never a gum chewer....just as well because I hate peanut butter....absolutely can't stand it....just the smell of it turns my stomach!
    So thank goodness I'll never have to do this because I honestly think I'd rather shave my head than have that noxious stuff actually touch any part of me!!!
    But as for the cap I like the notion that he's still looking for a way back to being a man....I wonder how long that lasts?
    Hmmm there's a thought worth looking into....

    1. That sounds like a good followup to me! I sort of liked gum, but the flavor never lasted long enough for me, so I'd end up swallowing it after a minute or two.

      Honestly, this was all a big ruse to write the words "Creamy Legume Paste" in a caption, and I succeeded in that! Say it out loud .. it's lots of fun to say!

  2. I love the caps that focus in on some small, seemingly innocuous detail about daily feminine life that we can all easily be forgiven for not realizing before. Yeah, I had a fairly long mullet before, but it never got into my mouth... but my 'party' was only in the back and not in the front which would bring its own problems.

    Fun (and informative!) cap Dee!

    1. OH... and I hope the situation with your family has a good ending. I know so much of 2020 is going the wrong way. I think that will be our answer to a lot of problems in our lives going forward... "you see, it started in 2020..."

    2. Glad you liked it. I've always thought that it's the little things in life that are common to everyone that are so easy to bring people together into some sort of understanding.

      When I was very young, I had "hockey hair" but by the time I was a teen, I had very long hair, was past my shoulder blades. Now I have wizard beard goatee, that often goes down to my sternum!

    3. I am hoping for the best, but it might take a miracle. This person is younger than 50, and had something that put them into a hospital, where they ended up getting covid and it got progressively worse. It might be a "take them off the respirator, nothing else we can do," moment coming soon.

      Thanks for your concern!