Thursday, November 19, 2020

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors!

Maybe you can't cure it, but perhaps there are ways to mitigate any damages? Dr. Mentia's on the case!

I wanted to make something for KarenSue, who is a big fan of pantyhose, which I am also quite an aficionado of silky leg coverings, so we have that fetish in common. I saw the picture online, and thought it would make a great caption, and even had the idea to go with it. 

So I mocked it up into a caption setting, and started writing my idea out. I think I started out pretty well in setting up the story, and getting most of the way through it as well. But then, I sort of hit a wall .. one where I could elaborate and end up with a mini-story, or condense my thoughts down to fit within the confines of a single panel caption. By now, you should have a good idea of where I ended up going, which isn't a shock because I'm not one to whip up multi-page fictional stories. I think it fizzled out at the end, and it's no ones fault but my own.

There are some underlying things I do like, for instance, perhaps there was a deep seated desire to WANT to where women's clothing, or at least Reggie had a fetish for pantyhose in and of itself, and it was dormant until Dr. Mentia brought it out more while he was in trance. Maybe it was something underlying that helped cure him by letting him focus on something less destructive. Of course, we have no idea if he started stealing hosiery from women's clotheslines, but I didn't put it into the story, so it'd be up to the reader to decide .. and stealing underthings is probably dangerous, or at least not legal, making it less likely for Reggie to be acquiring his new obsession in that way.

So what do you think in general about the whole gestalt? Let me know down below if it's a good caption, or if it could have been spiced up some how, and in some way. Maybe you have your own thoughts on what the plot should have been. You are welcome to submit them in the comments.

A Boston band covering a Boston band. Why not? I dug them both, so I hope you enjoy the local flavor!


  1. I like the way you describe the thought-processes and -flows involved in coming up with your cap's. I could not predict how you were going to end this one. Now that I've read it, I'm surprised that there are not more like it -- troubled/troublesome dude, led by a mental "health" professional to a life as world-pleasing eye-candy. Brevity is generally good with this genre, I think. I like the cap' the way you wrote it. I imagine that "Karen" came to be in possession of her hosiery through legal means, likely, in part, through the generosity of the good doctor. Once achieving passability, Karen would have patrons to supply her with all manner of clothing and accessories and adornments. Maybe, if you wanted to add more spice, it could be with acknowledgment of that anklet. (I like to see anklets.) Who got Karen that? What was the occasion? What does it remind her of? I also like the music vid that you posted. An all-around great post!

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

      Honestly, I hadn't thought about the family that I had mentioned much .. I bet there's some interesting side-plots involved with that as well .. like when it first manifested enough for them to see .. was it embarrassing to Reggie, and were they supportive at first, or did it take some extra 'therapy' for the rest of the kin to be on board with his newfound obsession?

      Another side plot could be how long does it take Karen to get dressed and leave the house in the morning? Does she pick out the hosiery first and then build the outfit around that, and then change her mind like 15 times?

      And I could guess that anklet does keep the focus even more on her legs and hose. whenever she walks around it would move around and give sensation I would think, of course if she is wearing it on top of her hose.