Friday, November 27, 2020

Just Laying Around, Chillin' Out!

Today was a lazy day for me, but some people, they have a job to do, and they really need a hand!

Worked this one up right before Halloween, and then promptly forgot about it. I have a number of captions that I've made in the last 6-7 weeks that I had either finished, or are half completed because they don't quite have a target yet for me to complete them, and also, we've had a number of holidays (and an election)  that just needed to be covered on this blog .. so they sat on the backburner.

And I liked the idea of th is one enough that I ended up finding a fake text message generator online so that I could add some realism to it that would hopefully take it up a notch. It became a blog exclusive because .. I have never used an iPhone before so I have no idea if that is a screen shot of "Steve's" phone, or his friend .. and that would fuck up the whole premise if I made it for someone and it was the wrong person listed in the phone screen. This way, that could be Steve, or the friend, and it'd still be good. Like is the green colored dialog Steve, or his friend? I don't honestly know!

I think the gist is pretty easy to figure out, that the bit of word play works, and it's laid out well. I think she is going to be "laid out well" too, when she is done with her handiwork!

Hope all the Americans out there enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and that you took it easy on Black Friday if you were able to do so. i planned on doing stuff around the house, but was pretty lazy in general, other than making another pseudo Christmas caption. This one, and the last one from the other day, are more of a peripheral / adjacent storied work. Maybe "inspired by" the season .. but still they will work for when the time comes to start posting holiday themed captions.

I did do one other thing though, and that was pick up a 5 TB external drive on sale from Best Buy the other day for 89 bucks. I am currently backing up both of the internal drives of this computer, an SSD and the original 500 GB Caviar Black drive that was the original boot disk. This computer is going on 8+ years old, and I had planned on building a new one, but then covid hit, and all the other stuff .. and I decided to wait and see if I would be ok money wise before building a new kick-ass machine. At the very least, baking up the 2 drives that are most likely to fail is a good way to protect myself if something bad happens to my rig. And maybe, another stimulus package comes along and helps propel me to a brand new desktop computer in the new year.

It's a blog exclusive, so comments about it are very welcomed! Also, check out the Thanksgiving caption if you haven't already done so, as I think that one was a lot of fun to make and read too. It's a long weekend, so I'll add an ASK ME ANYTHING aka AMA where you ask me questions, and I will supply answers! Get to it everyone!


  1. I got a real kick out of the text made it that much more....real!!!
    Superbly written too!!!
    A Dee classic if I've ever seen one!!!!

    1. Thanks for the praise. It's that extra mile I try to walk .. in stompy goth boots .. that gives my captions that 12th herb and/or spice in my original recipe! Glad you liked it!

  2. Being a proud iPhone owner now, I still have to look at my Messages app to see what the name above and all the colors mean. So, this is a conversation between the heroine and Steve. Steve is the one writing in green. The only problem I see is that anybody who is anybody goes dark-mode everything!

    Damned funny sexy cap Dee! Your word play is always top notch and this is no exception to that rule. That picture seems made to cap as your text overlays her perfectly without hiding anything away. It even keeps her hand and… ahem… other parts front and center!

    I hear ya on doing a computer upgrade. I’d like to get the new 5000 series AMD processors (finally ditching Intel) and a 3080 Nvidia RTX card, but they’re completely out of stock everywhere. Good luck on upgrading!

    1. Didn't realize there would be a rush on components, since Newegg is having a huge Black Friday sale, but with AMD putting out their new processors, it was bound to happen.

      I am probably going to stick with Intel. I used AMD back with the K6 chips, and even Cyrix back in the mid 90's too. Right now I still have the overclocked i5 3570k processor and 16 gig of RAM from the original build in 2012, and since then I added the SSD and NVidia GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card, along with a 4k 40" Samsung TV as the monitor.

      I'm probably looking at the i7 10700K processor (8 core, 16 multi-threads) an RTX 2060 or 2070 depending on price, and stick with 16 gigs of RAM, get a M.2 2280 1 TB SSD. I have a 2060 at work and it renders video pretty fast so I know it'll do what I need it to do here at home. I could at least move the 1060 to the new build and wait out graphics cards prices to come down a bit! Geek talk!

      Glad you liked the caption. I do think it's that classic Dee style of funny/sexy, sort of like what Steffie and Petra were doing back in the day. Also happy to know that I set up the text the right way too!