Friday, October 16, 2020

Benched .. for Halloween!

Yeah. Another bench story, which was inspired by a Kaaren comment. Thanks for being a muse!

Sometimes, just requesting things from me, and if you do it all nicely and are dressed like a slut, or like a sissy .. it can inspire me to make something here on the blog. Kaaren always responds to other bench captions, and seems to enjoy them, so asking, "when is the next one coming?" made me chuckle .. and right after she did, I found a picture on the interwebz that was ripe for captioning. But as you can tell, there's an issue with it, and usually I wouldn't have taken more than one glance at it and moved on.

But, I thought of something that would make a good work around, at least I think so! I tend to write, "in the moment" captions as opposed to a straight up narrative anyway, so why not make this one an extremely NOW moment, as in, the magic was happening IN the photo itself? Well, I would assume that THIS is what it would look like!

And I think it works well also for those who like descriptive text in their TG captions. There's a few adjectives in there that paint a bit of a picture to go with the story.

So, let's talk about this blog exclusive in the comment section, and feel free to nudge me in the way of things you'd like to see coming up in the next month or so. I have a few more Halloween captions coming, and I hope to be back to a 3 day a week posting schedule soon. I've enjoyed a bit of down-time here where I haven't felt pressure to produce something all the time for your consumption. Perhaps I will amp things up here as work slows down some, as most of the tech upgrades are now complete.


  1. He was sitting down on a bench, then things became different I became different I wasn't a guy, but a girl now. It seem, I'm not the only one. But why doesn't anyone realize it, why do I know I wasn't a she a few minutes, why am I check out my purse, why do I have a purse, why should I have a purse all girls have a couple of purses!

  2. Oh know I love those benches!!!
    I love the way you used the pic and I think it works perfectly....
    I love the idea of magical objects just scattered around waiting to act on some unsuspecting soul....
    I'm glad I asked for it....but then my wife says I'm always asking for it!!! (rimshot)
    Loved it and glad to see you're getting to stretch your creativity a little more often!!!

    1. Glad you liked it!

      It was a fun exercise to make it work the way I wanted it to!