Monday, October 12, 2020

Your Size Is Not Always a Plus!

Although it might be if you keep shopping at the same stores!

Made this for Wendy, who I'm hoping will come back to the Haven soon. Think there was some sort of email issue that I am crossing my fingers that I was able to fix for her. This caption is a welcome back sort of thing, and also a thank you for her being supportive of me in a time where I needed it.

Not sure if people have noticed, but I've done a few captions on clothing, and whether it fits or not. As mentioned previously, I've been working on getting some new threads after losing a bit of weight .. and I've always been a captioner that isn't afraid to bring real life adventures into this fantasy world; spinning a web of reality into alternate universe. You need a hook to make things relatable and seem grounded, even when you are in a realm where magic or other means are somewhat commonplace.

And this setting is awfully family to most people I think. rummaging through a clearance rack and wondering why all the cool stuff is NOT available in your size? Well, it'd be so much cooler if the lady in this caption was flitting about. With 'skills' like that, you have to wonder how often she shrinks herself to fit into the small sizes that my GF used to come across and sigh about! Or perhaps if she wants to see if the jeans make her ass look big, that she'll change her hubby into a carbon copy of her and have HIM try them on so she can get a good look!

Anyone going to dress up for Halloween in fancy dress or a sexy costume? Let us know down below, and/or comment about the caption. Anyone out there wanting to become a BBW? I'd love to hear about it, and why it's a turn-on for you. I'm all ears!


  1. Unfortunately I’m not dressing up for Halloween this time round, unless someone twists my arm. I like the caption and it’s funny. Very true that the cool stuff for guys or gals, is not in your size, or if it is, somehow it doesn’t work for you. The protagonist here has in fact done a very good job of looking good, maybe they have some magic of their own they did not know about and will find a bra.

    1. It's even worse at a place like Kohl's or JC Penney, which supposedly sets up their clearance racks by size, but either the sales staff is just throwing the garments wherever they'll fit OR they put the clothing on hangers that are marked the wrong size!

      Hopefully someone will twist your arm sweetie!