Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Karen's Getting a Whole New Point of View!

A new point of view is just a point and click away!

Made this with the intention of figuring out some new things on a new (for me) version of Photoshop .. which didn't go very well. You might be able to tell from the way the text doesn't look as striking as it should, had I done it the old way .. but I was having trouble running my old version of PS, so I went and found another version. I still have it, and perhaps I will try to figure out what settings weren't working right, but I had issues with trying to stretch the text, adjust some of the finer points of the picture, and stuff that hadn't given me issues in the past.

So I went and found an older download of the version I was using, and made a few modifications to it, and I'm back in business now, as you might be able to see with the last few captions I've made. This is from the beginning of October, when I had the initial PS problem.

As to the caption itself, Karen often refers to me as "sister" so why not be her older sister in the caption? Paragraph 4 is the "turning point" int he caption, and you might just miss it the first time you read. Did you end up glossing by it? Oh well. Go read it again! Noble older brothers can become easily influenced little sisters, but isn't that exactly what you wanted to see in this caption? Be truthful!

Leave message below about the caption, for things like, did you enjoy the sparseness of the design and text? Or are you happier with the normal way I make my captions, with signature flair? Do you want to see more POV captions, and if so, do you want names omitted if possible, so you can imagine yourself in them? I'd love to hear what people have to say.


  1. I'm a creature of habit, but the changed design still looks great, even if I have more of a soft spot for the "classic" style. As for the content, you managed to get me, it took me a few reads to finally figure out the twist! Great cap!

    1. Yeah, I ended up going back to the older PS as I had more control. For some reason, this caption looks different, even though it's mostly the same design, fonts, etc .. Pretty weird!

      Sorry you didn't get the twist at first. I probably could have highlighted the sentence a tad more, to get the point across. Might have been TOO subtle.

  2. Dear Dee, I apologize for taking a while to comment, since RL deadlines kept me busy at work! Sis, I love what you've done with using images and mirrors to give a POV look. I can not only imagine but also "imagineer" a story from your caption. I don't speak for everybody here, but I personally would like to see more of these.

    You've apparently been experimenting with new fonts and new layouts, Sis! I applaud your experimentation with the new Photoshop software. Only one complaint comes to mind---the font makes it a bit hard to read! What font is that? It's not that it's oddly rectangular, but it is also in italics, so it's blocky/slanted simultaneously.

    1. Yeah, it took my old font that I had used in the old version of Photoshop, and made it look weird and hard to read. It's why I ended up finding an older version online again, so I could do what I was doing before!

      Glad you enjoyed the caption. It's always fun when you can find a POV photo that really does put you in the picture.