Sunday, June 7, 2020

Mom Said to Sort Through These Old Boxes of Clothes!

Something tells me there still might be some boys clothing to donate to the poor!

Here's something that just caught my fancy while looking through some older captions. I am hoping that soon enough I'll be back to normal, and going through the closets again .. at some point, Salvation Army and the other places that take donations will once again be open to receive whatever I can haul off to help those that need the clothes that no longer fit, or belonged to my GF.

Speaking of, I got news that one of the GF's favorite relatives is at death's door now, dealing with hospice, and being removed from any chemo trials. This year just sucks ass, no ways about it. Honestly, for those who have thrived or maintained during the past 6-ish months, I'm really happy for you and won't begrudge your success. I just haven't seen much amongst my friends and family, and I bet that most of them will never forget this year, even though they'd REALLY like to.

So, here is what I had to say back in December 2017 about this caption. Ian, Courtney and Sally commented, so unless you are one of them, this might be new to you!

Made this caption for Nadine in her 2 for 1 offer. Not only do you get 2 captions back if you use one of the pictures she provided, she'll also donate another 5 dollars to the Haven to keep it running! That sounded like a bargain to me, so I chose this picture because it reminded me of something I am in the process of doing right now .. going through old clothing to see what fits and what doesn't.

And it is a cute little caption. Who couldn't see their mother making them try on everything in an old trunk from the attic to see what the family could donate to charity? And of course, mothers are stubborn, so if you were protesting that it was your sister's clothing, she wouldn't hear you and think that you were just trying to get out of a chore.

I wonder if it worked the other way too. She started trying on Henry's clothing and was like, "this is so baggy! wait, it fits me pretty well now though yuck, hairy armpits!" Perhaps after supper, they'll just end up in each other's rooms.

More physical therapy this week, and I have to be onsite at work as well. Uggh. Wish me luck, and pray for me if that is your sort of thing. I'll use any divine providence I can get at this point!

As a younger person, I used to be able to hit all these notes, and did a cover version of it with one of the bands I was in. Those days are long gone, as I don't have the lungs for it, or the throat either! I still love to crank this with the windows down in the summer, reliving the less innocent days!


  1. Wonderful Dee....never underestimate the power of women's may not have changed me physically like it did for lucky Nadine here....but putting on that first pair of panties changed the entire course of my life!!!!
    I'm surprised that I don't remember this one....maybe it's the fact that I'm getting old or maybe it's the ever-increasing amount of Scotch I've been consuming lately....
    Either way it was new to me and I enjoyed it very much!!!!

    1. Glad you liked it! Hopefully you'll like it when you are sober as well!

    2. Sissies shouldn't drink alcohol and certainly not whisky. Whisky is for men!

    3. Hey... that's discriminatory! Sissies most certainly can drink scotch. Especially when it's out of the pre-approved dainty glass, a straw, and mixed into a tasty fruity cocktail!

  2. Lovely caption Dee! As I was reading it, I first thought that 'mom' was changing her son into a twin of his sister. That way they could share a closet and save a bit of cash. But then again, that's probably from me trying to save some cash myself.

    And that song... oh I adore that! I think that's one of my favorites to play loud as I roll slowly down the street with the windows wide open. Great choice for this cap! I wonder if any woman/girl has done their own take on it. I'd definitely listen to 'Woman in the box'!

    1. Honestly am not sure of the backstory to this caption. Sometimes I write just enough to work out what I wanted between the picture and the story. This is one of those times. Maybe all of his sister's clothes had a "body shaper
      magic spell on them where they'd always make the wearer look good, and fit perfectly. Or mom was in on it. Maybe pure happenstance?

  3. I love that last line about being bumpy. That made me smile. :)

    1. I thought it sold the transformation well, and signaled the finality of the magic, plus it was a good zinger too. Glad you liked it.