Monday, June 8, 2020

A Meta Bench Caption with a Touch of Modern Noir

Yes I am French, so let me drop some ennui on you, unless you aren't interested!

I saw this picture, and it gave me a certain mood, and since she wasn't looking at the camera, I thought that it could be sort of a universal caption for anyone that wanted to place themselves into it, and still feel realistic. OH, and please read the caption first before moving on to the rest of the post.

I started writing, and putting down into words what I felt belonged with it, and originally had a bit happier ending, but where I ended it was where I felt it needed to be. I am not sure I can explain why, but it just felt finished there .. that you the readers could extend it in your minds however you wanted, or needed, it to go. I think it subtlety dances with nihilism, without going overboard. Perhaps you can tell me in the comments whether I succeeded or went too much beyond where I should have stopped.

What was my original plan? Well, the story would have mostly went along the same, but he would have opened up the purse and figured out what his new life was going to be by looking at the ID that was contained inside, and done a bit of inventory to see if he could piece the new reality together from what she was carrying inside.

But honestly, I think the Dark Web connection worked better, and made "you" smarter by being a bit of a detective, obsessed enough with becoming a lady that this dogged pursuit paid off in the end. That is where I feel it falls into a noir realm. It has that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow feel, but there is much suffering that needs to be dealt with, and even if there's only one coin there when it's discovered, it's still better than the alternatives.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. I only wrote the damn thing. Who am I to try to evaluate what I wrote, when perhaps I am too close to it right now, and maybe should ruminate on it for a few days.

Nah! It's something new and I needed to post it. I think the followers of my blog will be able to give me some context and tell me what the caption means to them.


  1. Dee, you must tell where this magic bench is!

    1. Hmmmm, if I knew where they'd turn up, you'd think I'd have already been there!

      Maybe you can track it down for all of us!

  2. know I love these bench caps as much as you do but this one is really superb....the idea of tracking down that spot through the other "victims" is brilliant!!!
    Then the idea that some of the "victims" are far more willing than others....outstanding!!!
    I love the pic too....perfect for this cap....what do you suppose she's doing?
    Shedding a small tear for her past life or greeting her new world with a pretty smile?
    I'd go with the smile but the fact that you can't see it leaves it up to the reader!!!
    In case you didn't get the idea already....I love this one!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      I hate to say it, but from what I've seen over the last 10-15 years in the lad of TG stuff, There are more people percentage wise on the autism spectrum that are TG than in the general population. If ANYONE could track down something like this, it'd be someone autistic I bet!

      And I sort of got the idea from you, with the bench in the back yard. Figured there had to be SOME people searching for the power to change themselves!

  3. Love this cap Dee, especially the meta aspect to it. I agree that it gets that modern noir feel from that. Kind of like the Nolan Batman using military assets, body armor, and psychological warfare on criminals instead of a blue cape and grey tights. I think this is the best version of this cap there can be... no need for second guesses!

    1. Good analogy. I didn't want to get TOO dark because there is enough tension and unease about the world right now, but one the other hand, it was creatively how I felt with the story I had in my mind.