Thursday, June 4, 2020

Walking to Work After A Long Hiatus

Maybe all your commutes be filled with magical benches! New blog exclusive caption inside!

And that IS my wish for all of you!

Made this caption, mostly to see what I am capable of with my mousing arm and hand. Sadly, not that much apparently, as creating this AND typing up this small blurb has made it very numb. Uggh.

This is going to be a slow slog, I can tell. I have to start with range and mobility, and then build up the core strength again. I am trying to rest, but also work, which does NOT let me really rest too much. Plus, we are almost ready to start up the actual office in a few weeks, with more than one person in the building at the same time. I think it's a big mistake to be honest, but I also feel that because I'd much rather be uncomfortable here at home than driving to a place to be physically miserable .. if that makes any sense. Being on the physical site seems weird now, like we are only there to show that we "are" working .. not that our productivity has gone down, but by being at the location, bosses etc .. seem to think they are getting more work out of us I guess?

Anyway, I hope that most of you are almost back to normal, we are a bit behind because of our area was/is a hot spot zone. I thought that might be a cute little diversion on our way back to normality, plus whip up a new bench caption, something that I'm not sure if I've done one this year or not.

Feel free to comment below on the caption, or just about anything in general. I'm getting lonely! Sit down for a spell on the bench, and maybe the bench will cast a spell on you!


  1. DEE-lightful. Once social distancing ends, I think she will find it easier to find someone to date.

    I wish I could help with the arm, but I only was a nurse for Halloween (and it wasn't pretty!)

    1. Thanks. I am trying my best to get better. It really sucks being injured and alone during a pandemic. I think some of that boiled over into this caption, but it probably made it better.

  2. Those darn magical just never sit down with wrinkled trousers and you get up with a wrinkled skirt!!!!
    As much as I enjoy your new cap I'd rather read a repost of something from the least then I'd know you weren't hurting yourself any more that you already are!!!!
    Rest Dee....make some notes for yourself as the idea pops into your head and you can make the cap later when it doesn't hurt....
    We all love you and enjoy your work and we all want what's best for wife has suggested that maybe a spanking is in order....but since we can't be there I'll volunteer to take it on your behalf!!!!
    Love and kisses
    From me and the Mrs.

    1. Thanks for the concern. I am hanging in there. I am tired of being alone and not having much interactions with other actual humans.

      And I am glad that you have stunt butt cheeks to take the spanking I likely needed. That's one of the issues I think .. the GF knew when to say, "give up for a few minutes. Relax! You are working too hard." Then again, I think that I really haven't done a whole hell of a lot in the 2+ months since she's been gone. Really, we were a yin and yang perfect balance, and I'm sure that does hurt me in the long run not to have someone to reel me in.

  3. I love your bench captions - so many possibilities.

    Nice to see something new from you, but take care. We'll wait. :)

    1. Oh, and I did an actual bench caption today. :)

    2. I will have to check it out! Maybe I will head there now!

      Hope all is well with you and your loved ones!