Sunday, March 8, 2020

Such a Small Favor for a Big Sister!

All us only children had to have an imaginary sister to femme us up properly when we were young!

That or an evil aunt, or a domineering mother, or a really cool babysitter!

This one is for Anny, who just came back to the trading area of the Haven. She loves pantyhose, and I had this wonderful photo that screamed out for a big sister taking care of her little brother. And if you had an older sister that dressed you up .. please let us know on the comments. We want true stories, dearest readers! And ALL the deets!

You always have to wonder how much "resistance" needs to be put up to show you aren't TOO into what is happening. I sort of wonder if putting up no resistance is the better way to go. That you don't CARE either way, and just going along to have fun, as opposed to really ENJOYING yourself. It is probably easier for older people to read the emotions of late teens and earlier. There is often so little subtlety, their feelings are like metaphorical jackhammers.

So, let's give a big cheer to those girls or women (or cool guy friends) that brought out the lady in the younger male generation so they could play around with gender in safety!

I ended up with bad allergies this weekend, or maybe I've got the Coors Light version of Covid. Just feel like one big nose shooting out mucus all over the place until my ribs ache. Definitely going to ingest some special gummies when I'm done writing up this blog post. See you soon! Just make sure you are wearing surgical gloves while reading this!


  1. That was cute and happy, a dream-come-true kind of caption. I never had a big sister growing up, but I thought a lot about having one to help guide me in girliness.

    And take care of yourself, Dee! Relax, keep warm, and get better soon. :)

    1. Thanks. I've been draining a bit today at work but it's mostly the rib and chest muscles that are bugging now. Gonna have some more gummies so I can sleep tonight!

  2. Sorry to hear that you have a bad case of allergies, sis. But maybe that means Spring is finally around the corner? We all just have to stay healthy until sunshine and summer rolls around. ^^

    Resistance is an essential component, and you do it with a light touch. As a writer, you don't want to make it too hard, but not too soft either! So, well done, echoing what Sally said. ^_^

    1. Yeah, it's a fine line, both in fiction and in real life.

  3. I didn't have a sister but I always envied my friends who did....I like to think I would have had this kind of relationship if I'd had a sister...but reality is that I had a brother and we absolutely despised each other....
    We never got the chance to outgrow it because he died as a teenager....but the beatings he gave me are still vivid in my mind even after all this time....the very first time I heard the word "faggot" was from him!!!!
    I do remember that most of my friends with sisters knew where everything was in their rooms and on occasion we would explore....this was usually with a much older sister....never got caught and spanked though....much as I fantasized about it then....still do now!!!
    Sorry to hear you're under the weather.....I find that now that Corona panic is in full bloom all I have to do is cough in an aisle in a supermarket and I have that aisle all to myself in very short order....
    Anyway Dee is was a sweet and delightful cap....
    No coercion...
    No revenge....
    No magical curses or spells....
    Not even a bench!!!!
    A nice change of pace!!!!

    1. Yeah, I was sneezing, and people were giving me a wide berth. I have no fever, so I'm not worried about Covid at this point.

      And yes, I can be sweet when I want to.

  4. I must agree with the Ladies above, the caption was cute and fun. Bro and Sis finally getting along and finding common ground. It does not hurt that he turned out so damn cute. With legs like that he will garner quite a lot of attention at the skate party. He may need a strong arm to hold on to until he masters those heels. He just needs to choose male or female, or both.

    1. I'm guessing she'll have a little sister whenever she wants one!

  5. Very wholesome! Steve is very lucky to have such a supporting sister.

    Get to feeling better, Dee <3

  6. Sweet cap. Another time another place and I would be stoked with this scenario happening to me.
    I had several older sisters, and at a young age I was their living dress-up doll. Before I hit my teen years my parents had already put a stop to that. I'm not sure If I would have gone along with being dressd up by them at a later age, even though I had started dressing up myself, this due to the area where we lived.
    Funny thing is that my younger sisters always complained about the hand me downs. They envied me because I got new clothes, being the only boy while envied them of being able to wear hand me downs. Still I was happy with every item I could save from good will or the trash.

    I hope you get well soon, and if you drink beer, may I suggest a certain Mexican brand. A bit on the sweet side for me, but I do like a Corona from time to time.

    Still hoping we get an Ovid virus one day. Can't wait to see the metamorphoses is will cause.

    1. I remember you saying you had lots of sisters.

      I think I've seen a few captions where the younger boy got the girls hand-me-downs. Might have been a joke in a sitcom or cartoon as well.

  7. Those are INTERESTING heels.....