Friday, March 13, 2020

Odds and Sods .. and Another AMA Type Question Answered!

OK, here's the "second" part of the AMA question that wasn't particularly asked, but does come down to a part of my personas .. all of them in fact.

It's my twisted, odd, quirky, bizarre, silly and whatever other words you'd like to describe my sense of humor. It manifests itself in so many different ways, but there is one part that probably shines more than others, and that is my love of self-referential bits of dialog and plot scattered through the captions, and those recurring .. um, tropes is not quite the word, but things is too vague. Anyway, here's a list of somethings you can look out for.

BENCHES: Goes without saying. I am going to drive that into the ground as a trope! It honestly just started because when it comes to legs/hosiery pictures, there are just SO MANY girls posed sexily on benches. For all the captions I've made, I probably have another 2X as many photos on my hard drive, so it's only a lack of story that keeps me from making even more. If I get inspiration, then I will throw another one together. I still have one in reserve awaiting me to find someone I think it would work for, and then I'll post it here, and perhaps on the Haven if the recipient has a trading folder.

JENKINS: When I need a lackey, or someone to reference that isn't really specific any sort of fashion, I tend to give that character the last name of Jenkins. I use him the say way that Scott Adams of Dilbert fame uses "Ted, the generic guy" .. when he wants to kill someone off or fire an employee. Where did Jenkins come from? It's based on Scooby Doo, where it's always "Old Man Jenkins, the owner of the circus!" who's scheme would have worked if not for "those meddling kids!"

CREDENZAS: What a wonderfully weird word for a piece of furniture! It just rolls off the tongue! I've used it quite a few times in the context of, "Dust my credenza!" which sounds vaguely dirty! I believe that it was a hypnotic trigger at least once. Another word I try to work in often is "Shish Kabob"!! Another wonderful sounding word, and it also has sexual connotations!

HUT: This doesn't come up as much anymore, but whenever I make a retail outlet, I'll often add HUT to the end.  It's also a funny word. I've written captions up with "Kayla's Hypno Hut" and "Petra's Pilates Hut".  The "Haven" gets worked in many times too, because well, I'm been an admin there for 10 years now, and since 80 percent of my captions are trades with other members, why not include a reference that automatically lets you know what is going to happen. A guy will become a girl!

ODD MAGICAL ITEMS: Magic toasters, magic salt shakers, refrigerators, A Jiffy-Pop pregnancy, flamingo bites, anagrams, blenders, etc ..

META THINGS: I've "traded" victims with other authors (I had the nameless narrator send Sally Bend into an Anne Michelle story! Because Dee couldn't figure out a way to end a plot!) referenced captions inside of captions, had people act out captions in real life, had "actors" portraying captions as if they were being photographed to belong IN a caption, referenced this very blog and the people reading it. Never mind the fourth wall, I am not sure I have any walls to keep a roof up!

POP CULTURE REFERENCES: I'm constantly referring to something to do with music lyrics, cartoons, TV show or movie quotes and/or plots, Not only that, but characters will refer to those things as well. Usually in a movie, you don't talk about other movies, and the same thing happens in captions. Even if not implicitly said, there's usually some sort of PCR guiding the overall arc.

 I think I've come up with enough for now. If you can think of others, please leave them below. I've been doing this long enough that I've probably forgot more than I have listed.

Also, this is a blog exclusive caption, so give me some love in the comments as well.


And to end of a somewhat serious note, I posted this at the end of a comment from Karen the other day on the "Definitely Not Jake from State Farm" caption.

And to prove I'm serious, my best friend now has my password and would post about me here if anything happened with this coronavirus outbreak. I care so much for everyone, I would want them to know if I wasn't able to continue this blog.

I have recently give my best friend a password to my email/blog and would let everyone know if something serious happened to me, and I wasn't able to respond myself. Whenever I post something about my health, I feel like I'm describing some crippling ailment that sounds like I'm a complete mess of a human in real life! In general, I'm still a fairly young and somewhat in shape person with controllable issues that don't usually affect my daily life to any degree.

But you never know when something might come up .. like when Kaaren had an issue with her skull .. and I don't want anyone to worry about me, say like if I don't have a new post up after an entire week without one. People disappear often in our TG community, but trust me, I don't plan on just vanishing one day. If there was a plan, there'd have to be all sorts of celebrations and unreleased captions, and farewell speeches, and maybe a parade so everyone can curtsy in front of your supreme domme one last time! All the pomp and circumstance that a true queen deserves!

So yeah, she would let people know here what is going on, without giving away too much confidential information. I trust her completely, and as my best friend, I know she'd deliver the news gracefully and try to keep the community updated on what's happening.

Damn! I'm not ready to die yet .. again! That's the Dementia talking in me! I've got at least 5-6 lives left that haven't been used up.


  1. If it was me and you on that bench I think we would have both quickly agreed that the kink fest was just what we needed!!!!
    Although I do love Comic I've said I've always been a voracious reader and I think that started with comic books....they're the earliest thing I remember reading...
    I like that you shared your password with someone in case something was to happen to you....I'm going to try to discuss that with my wife without upsetting her...
    During the "issue with my skull" she went into emotional overdrive and if something more serious was to happen to me I doubt very much that my online friends would be on her mind at I have to think it over and approach it very carefully...
    As to your other things....I love the whole thing with the benches....that there might be random magic in the world is a wonderful idea....but you already know that I love it because I've appropriated the idea from you more than once.... might be the only one who's noticed that I tend to use characters over and over in the Matinee posts....Caruthers and Smythe have turned up quite a bit....there are others who have recurring roles.....just names that I like that I think fit the situations...
    Credenza is a great word.....but so is davenport and divan....I might use one of them in a Matinee but I can't really think of any other time I would...
    Hut...never used it....but now that you mention it I might...
    Odd Magical Items....I love these doesn't always have to be a relic from the distant past....maybe there was a glitch in the matrix and that light switch you installed does more than turn on the lights....
    Meta Things....well you've got me there...
    Pop Culture....I love this stuff....there are so many iconic things that you can use...I had a friend when I was young....Bobby believed with all his heart and soul that if he could just find the right spot under the curved screen of the old TVs that he would be able to peek up Marcia Brady's dress!!!!
    Nothing we said could dissuade him from contorting himself under the screen....he was so sure it would work!!!
    For me it was trying to get an upskirt from Jeannie....there just had to be a slip up somewhere!!!!
    We all had our pop culture things....and I love catching yours....I wonder how many get them...
    Anyways....loved the cap

    1. I've never been to an official comic-con. Always seemed like too much money to get into one, and then pay for whatever things you wanted to buy, including outrageous sums for autographs from people that were somewhat in a now cult movie from 30 years ago. I'd go to see the people's costumes, but not worth a 40 dollar entrance fee! My comics are still up in my dad's attic. I know there's a hologram Wolvie comic might be worth something, and many of the Knightfall Batman series where Bane broke his back.

      I had gone to a few kink fest type things when I was younger and not with the current GF. Felt really weird there because I was a poor single young guy without a woman with me .. and the scene then (and probably now) doesn't trust that demographic .. rightfully so I think. Plus it's an expensive "hobby" or "lifestyle" that I had/have circumvented .. using things like old paddle ball wood paddles and old jump ropes that I'd fray and tie beads to for a cat o 9 tails. I wonder if "CRAFTY KINK" is a thing on Pinterest?!?

      You, like me, post quite often, so people would notice if you stopped posting .. though it might take a while because I think you set up a bunch of posts ahead of time to automatically upload at a certain time. Other than when I went on Sabbatical, I usually never go more than 2-3 days between posts.

      Luckily, my pop culture references tend to just be icing on a cake, that should elevate to another level what I've already written for those in the know. Sometimes it doesn't work, as in the case with Jake from State Farm the other day. It was just a throwaway title that most people in the US know from the commercials. I actually feel bad for guys named Jake now! But to everyone not in the US, including the person I made the caption for, they were like, "does that have ANYTHING to do with the story?" and the answer is .. no!

  2. Love the cap Dee! I think only you could find an image that works perfectly with both a comic con and a kink fest! I’m very glad that you have someone that will share your status if anything were to happen to you. I don’t have someone like that and I’m afraid with my less than timely posting schedule I could make some people unnecessarily nervous.

    I’m not sure how Dee caps could ever exist without benches, Jenkins, credenzas, huts, the oddly magical items, meta references, and the purely positively powerful pop cultural references. I especially appreciate the oddly magical items as I try to imagine a world where magic always existed. Why are there magical staffs? Because people used staffs for walking sticks. Why are there magical potions? Because people had homebrews and remedies they’d make. So why not push that ‘magic inhabits normal things’ into the present. Magical canes and beer. Magical computer keyboards and iPods. Love it!

    1. Thanks Caitlyn! We had talked about it the other day with the pandemic approaching the big up-sweep, and also the tattoos we would get to honor the other if one of us were to shake off our mortal coil in the near future.

      Hey! We're still pretty gothy and dark. It's the perfect time to listen to Bauhaus' "Stigmata Martyr".

      And yeah, those elements make up a good amount of my captions, but I think that is what makes them uniquely me. And the odd magical items I think started mostly because I got bored with eh usual suspects. I mean, things like changing / dressing rooms are lots of fun to work with, but you've got to sprinkle them in with more esoteric stuff too. And if you can be changed by almost any random object, it can bring the reader into the world much easier, as those things can be common, and reveal the truly random nature that lurks around the corner that COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

      Oh yeah, I had quite a few iBod captions too! Way back when!

  3. This is a sweet cap in a weird way.

    I haven't been to a comic con, but we have something similar over here. Used to be called the Elf Fantasy Fair, but these days it's called Elfia. It's twice a year and held in either the gardens of the castle of Haarszuilen or in the gardens of the castle of Arcen. Beautiful locations for that. I go once every two years to one of the two, but I've never been in costume. I did spot a few brolita's a few times, so that makes this caption feel real.

    There's one event I like even better, the Dickens Festival in Deventer in December. The old part of Deventer is changed back to Victorian times, the people who live there dress accordingly, and there are reverences to the books of Dickens everywhere. When you're there it's almost like the Doctor invited you for a ride in her TARDIS.

    1. Sweet cap? I'll take your word for it. Maybe because it took two assholes and made them into goodish women?

      Comic Cons were much better before the Marvel films really took off and everything because mainstream. Now everything is way overpriced, probably because the venues charge the vendors so much that the have to build that into the price so they can actually make money. Renne Faires have the same issue now as well.

  4. I love all of your "things" and how they make your fantastic caps even more fantasticer! I'm particularly drawn to pop culture references and the odd magical items. I have to admit that I was initially drawn to your work by the frequency at which you used women in hosiery. But your writing is simply divine! The way you use your "things" to color a story in just the right amount of words is enviable, and makes each cap a joy to read.
    Ciao! Elise