Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Naughty .. And Nice .. Christmas Day For Everyone! Don't Judge Me!

A little bit of cheer for all my friends in the TG community and any other kink you have!

I hope that this post finds you, your family and friends .. all blessed with good tidings and joy on this day that carries so many emotions with it, both good and bad. I just wanted to let you know that you CAN feel like this isn't the most wonderful time of the year. Don't feel guilty for doing so, if that is where your mind is at.

Yin and Yang. Balance in the force. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have, the facts of life. Shit may seem like it's stacked against you, but you must remember that the bullfighter does NOT always win!

So please do acknowledge the things in life that make all the trials and tribulations worthwhile. It's only another week until the year refreshes itself, and tomorrow is always another day to move forward and grow towards being the best you that you can be! Reflect on all the difficulties, but honor the challenges you've faced and overcome. There isn't anything you can't do. I'm sure of it!

And while this second caption technically stars me, it's more of a representation of all of us, and how our lives are a journey, and at some point we have to let go of some of the baggage and be the best "us" that we can be. Dwelling on stuff that doesn't matter can drain us, and isn't conducive to living "in the now." Recognize that it's made us who we are, but it doesn't define what we can still be.

So, whether you celebrate a Merry Christmas, a Happy Yule, light a menorah, etc ... I hope that you can truly be yourself going forward. Make that commitment and let your true light shine brightly!

Of COURSE I am going to fuckin' play this song. Some of you will RIOT! Attica! Attica!


  1. It's a funny thing when I think about it....I'm not fact I'm pretty much against organized religion in all it's many forms....but I love's my favorite holiday.....I love to think of people all over the world taking a pause in their usual bullshit and showing their love for one another.....
    And the presents....yeah I like the presents.....but I've always loved watching others open their presents more than I enjoy opening mine.....I love to see the smiling faces as the paper tears away and their desires are fulfilled!!!!
    Christmas is a wonderful thing....look at all the happy people!!!!
    I have to go and prepare for her Christmas.....a wonderful breakfast and some fabulous gifts...and then.....well it wouldn't be Christmas magic if I told you all would it?
    There are a lot of holidays but Christmas is special!!!!!
    And I so enjoyed the fucking song!!!!!
    Merry Christmas.....again

    1. My GF is the same way. She's totally into a secular Christmas and all the trappings included with it.

      Our gifts were met with much appreciation, which is great, as we put quite a bit of thought into what we got each person on our list. I hope that your other half enjoyed each and every thing that you gave her, both physical and everything else you have to offer!

  2. Lovely set of captions there Dee. When I read that you were going to have a both a naughty and nice caption for Christmas, I just assumed I’d like the naughty one more. But man, that nice cap really got me in the feels. I hope everybody that reads it can get something from it as I hear it singing directly toward me. I may not go out without my ‘armor’, but I have finally decided that the face (or mask, if you will) I put out toward society is just that. Armor. It’s not who I am. It’s just there to protect the real me who society so often shows its not ready for.

    I’d like to step out into that light as me and have people smile at me, but I’m not ready to see if they smile or frown.

    Great Christmas sentiment Dee. I hope you and those you love have a happy and wonderful holiday!

    1. Caitlyn, with the exception that I expected to be more into the nice caption right away, what you wrote is excactly where I stand at this point in my life.

      With your seasonal captions you were a real Christmas Spirit this year Dee. Thanks for shining your light to brighten our darkness.

    2. SO glad you appreciated both sides of my personalities, Caitlyn and/or Calvin. I try never to be maudlin in what I write, just put out what I feel and hope it connects.

      Hopefully you and your loved ones had the Christmas they all deserve!

    3. I am so happy that I was able to give you some brightness this year during the literal darkest days in the northern hemisphere.

      This blog is all about sharing; our hopes and dreams, our kinks, and anything else that I think people can relate to. So glad that many of us can connect in such a way like this, even though we are often thousands of miles apart!

      And once again, I would like to offer you a warm, "Zalig uiteinde"

  3. Loved that second caption. Like may of your readers I suspect I was scared and ashamed of myself and my fantasies for many years. I thought of it as putting them into a box and only looking at it in the dark, but in doing so, I also locked part of myself away. Opening that box was painful, but in the end I discovered that things weren't so bad when seen in the light. I found love and acceptance, both from myself and from my now wife. My dearest wish is that all of us could do the same.

    1. I am so glad that you were able to find your way through the darkness and discover love and acceptance from another that lets you be who you are!

      And I concur that a wish like that is all the more welcome here, that they can obtain exactly what you needed after hiding from yourself.

      Happy holidays to you, sweetie!

  4. That first caption was so much fun, especially with the singsong rhyme at the end, and something tells me Santa has been waiting for you. After all, any guy that obsessed with who's been naughty has to have a few kinks!

    The other caption, though . . . wow, just absolutely beautiful! That caption kind of encapsulates what the holiday is for me. I'm not religious, and my family destroyed any Christmas joy back when I was still a teenager, so I just pretended it didn't even exist for a lot of years. Either volunteered to work it or went off hiking for the day, just the forest and me.

    My beloved turned that around with our Christmas Eve tradition of exchanging personal, meaningful, and (yes) sexy things that are just for us. This year there were toys and jewelry, but my favorite was the matching stockings. That's love, that's giving, and that's where I find the magic. :)

    1. I am so glad to hear about "happy endings" even though your relationship continues to grow. And matching stockings sound so damn cute!

      I was sort of in that same hole with Christmas too when I was younger. My mom died fairly early in my life, and she was the person really big into Christmas. After that, I was ambivalent towards it, and like you, I took lots of overtime on Xmas Eve and Day. Then my ex disappeared with my daughter at some point until I was able to get custody when she was 4. With getting her back and the current GF coming along, I ended up falling into the spirit again.

      I am glad for all the good feedback the Christmas captions have gotten this year. Then again, at this time of year, is anyone really going to bitch about it here in the comments? LOL