Sunday, November 17, 2019

Getting Laid Takes On a Whole New Meaning Here!

I almost went with duct tape, or flipping Jezebel the bird .. before I made this caption for her!

Well, hopefully you read the previous posting, as it contained a very silly caption I made for Jezebel, and a recent caption she made for me in my trade folder.

I wasn't going to take that that lying down .. well, once the morning wood subsided and I was able to move about freely .. so this is my caption reply. Who doesn't love the idea of hypnosis .. and it going wrong horribly in public? And it gets me another chance to advertise one of my new businesses too!

There were so many puns I could have used but I think it would have made it squawkward! The file name is "whatthecluck" so I knew where it was going right away. I just went with the classic joke, rearranged slightly for the caption. You know the one about a duck that goes into a pharmacy and orders some Chapstick? Yeah, that one!

So, what's your thoughts on this one? Hopefully you will think it's ducky, and that I didn't lay an egg.

Did you think I was going to pull up something from Drake? Heh!

Yeah. I totally dig this type of stuff. So, I'm even weirder than you thought! Is that really a shock?


  1. I groaned at the pun.....but I spend a lot of time groaning!!!
    Why don't you change her back?
    We would love to but we need the eggs!!!!
    Loved it!!!!


      Hopefully you caught the "Read My Lips" on from Saturday as well. It's anogther real groaner, but it's the idea behind the caption plot, more than any old hackneyed joke. I definitely think it's up your alley!