Tuesday, November 19, 2019

You'll Appreciate Our Remodeling Efforts! We Guarantee It!

When they are done, they call in the pipe layers! Their hats aren't the only things that are hard!

Made this for Lacy, and the picture just caught me in the right way. So the company is a combination construction / remodeling and moving company. So what?!? You want TG in your captions, you have to suspend your disbelief a bit! Ya know? "Well, I was with you when the guy suddenly had long blonde hair, breasts and makeup skills that take at least a year or two to develop .. all by him listening to subliminal messages for a few minutes while on hold .. but contractors that replace the clothes in your dresser drawers and closets. NOT BUYING IT!"

Yeah. I'm using a straw woman, but she had it coming! I mean, what else am I going to say, other than I hope to be listening to this crappy music on hold next time I have to, instead of the usual tunes I have to endure. And don't say you wouldn't either! Maybe that's why I've done a number of phone call / customer service captions in the past. Companies will do anything to up their consumer happiness ratings! If you don't have a perky attitude, we will make you more agreeable .. to anything!

My only complaint is that I don't like using pink shades like the ones in the picture, or in the background. Just way too garish and I feel like my eyes are going to bleed. I don't think I could have used any color behind the text to make it look good, nor tone down the brightness of the pink hue.

What's my favorite part of this caption? Mostly that she has an issue with the clothes her wife wears .. which will be taken care of quickly as they offer 110% guarantee that everyone will be satisfied!

We've got a comment section .. feel free to vent about tg captions or tg fiction. Maybe recommend me some new caption or story sites I might have missed. I need to see some new blood! If I like it, I'd certainly put them in my links and hope for a link back. Plus I've got a few captions that currently do not have a star, so comment below with a male and female name and perhaps YOU'LL be a part of one of the upcoming captions!


  1. Fun cap, and the part about the wife's clothes did make me laught out loud.

    1. It was a blast to make, and Lacy enjoyed it, which is the main thing you want to do when creating a caption for someone else.