Saturday, November 2, 2019

Every Morning Is Just the Same Old Routine .. Or Is It Really?

Think about this caption the next time you say to the barber or waitress, "I'll have the usual."

Made this caption a little over 3 years ago, and it is another one of those Zero Posts, where nobody commented. Figured I'd repost it and see if got a reaction this time. So, if you haven't seen it before, it's completely new to you!

Here is what I said way back in the days of innocence, 2015!!!

Made this caption for Ron (Rmp42661) who has been a member of the Haven for what seems like forever, and before that, was known on Yahoo for making captions with their titles coming from classic rock songs. For instance, he's made captions for every song on the Eagle's Greatest Hits and Led Zeppelin IV, so it's fun to see what exactly the title "The Battle for Evermore" generates when thrown into the TG caption creation motion.

Ron tends to like "women in men's clothing" photos, which is a much bigger collection of picture selection than one would think .. I've come across hundreds, and the best I usually save so I can use them for him. This one just happened to be in a random set I was looking through in regards to pantyhose and nylons. Since I had some time to work on it, I put it into a caption setting and the first line came right to me, "You know I want three eggs, bacon and toast." due to the muffin she was eating. Obviously, if he were still a man, he'd have something more substantial! From there, I just had to write down what was happening in the picture, and wrap it up without going on too long.

As per what I said in the original posting:
This time I wanted it to be a caption set DURING the actual transformation, and this photo was very conducive to making that happen. I had to try to make sure I didn't overwrite it ... Just part of the fun of taking something mundane and ordinary and making it special. Hope you enjoy!
 As I was finishing it, I sensed that Dee wasn't really happy about the change in her husband everyday, but the salary was too good to pass up. How could I fix that? Well, if the government in the caption gives you TG lemons, make TG lemon meringue! Then we both get to have some fun!

For some reason, I think that a caption like this would generate more discussion and comments now than it did back then. Not sure why, but maybe because I have more than just fans of magic transformations, even though this is essential "Magic as Science"!! So please do comment down below as to the scenario, and would you be for, or against something like this happening, and how it might change your life if it could become true.

And I promise I have at least 6 new captions just about ready to go!


  1. I purposely held off on commenting to give someone else a chance to be first....but that was yesterday and now it's if you wanted to be na na naaa na.....I beat you!!!
    I was just reading the cap again and I was wondering what type of government job would require something like this....if Ron is really that unaware of the change then the change is obviously done for someone elses he's not a spy or anything like that...
    It would be interesting if Dee took him up on his offer of a "quickie"....I'm wondering if the equipment he'd need is somehow accessible when he's like this....
    If they have something like this available for government work just send me the job application now!!!!
    I loved it....filled me with questions and lord knows I like being filled!!!!

    1. So many questions that I honestly have no answers to!

      Perhaps since this post HAS a comment now and the older one doesn't, maybe I'll just delete that one!