Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Tourist Trap! Nadine's Vacation Itinerary!

Who said it wasn't safe to travel to foreign countries nowadays? I might even get a passport now!

Made this for Nadine, and it's pretty meta, since I reference the Haven, among other things. I have enough friends here on the blog and at the Haven, that I think I could trust them to lay out a travel itinerary of where to go, where to stay, and what places to avoid at what times. That could help out a lot when there's cabbie, local sharks, etc .. that look to mark tourists for their cash and valuables.

So, I'd ask you all to tell me a few cool places where you live, but I can understand why everyone would be scared to do so. How about you tell me of one of your favorite travel adventures and how and why it was different than the usual travel agency promoted voyage!

PS. I haven't had a week long travel vacation away from home in over 20 years! I'm definitely due!


  1. I try to always split a vacation between the ‘touristy’ spots and some true local flavor. So for instance, visiting Dallas included the The Sixth Floor Museum which is the JFK assassination site, but also the local breweries in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. Actually, I tend to find local breweries are almost always in an up and coming neighborhood filled with creative locals. The same has held true with Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington DC, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, and Detroit.

    I’m actually going on a weeklong vacation soon. Going to drive the new car down to Dallas, pick up a friend and then together we’ll fly out to San Francisco for a few days.

    Oh, and great cap by the way! I’m sure Nadine loved her… I mean it. She loved it. 😊

    1. I read your Calvin blog this morning, and commented a few times, which helped me come up with a topic to discuss here, even though the caption was made a few days ago. I might try to swing a few days at least to visit my Grandmother in Florida, which was the last time I went on a big vacation over 20 years ago. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. Driving down Rte 66 in a new Mustang would be on most peoples bucket list!

  2. You just have to love that exchange rate....
    We're supposed to be going down to SW Pennsylvania next weekend to visit my wife's mother...
    She loves to visit and her mother gets to spend a few days telling me about the boys my wife could have married instead of me....
    I wonder if she'd be surprised to find out that my wife usually screws one of her old flings every time we visit....
    Anyway....lovely cap....and for some reason the pic really has kept my attention....I'd love to have a pair of boots just like those!!!

    1. We were actually thinking of doing Splash Lagoon in PA after xmas, kind of a combo birthday trip for my wife and our oldest. I doubt we'll have as much fun as you do, but she got giggling when she wondered how the chastity cage would sound banging around inside the waterslides. LOL

    2. Oh Sally! I would hope that Splash Lagoon is indoors, or there'd be lots of shrinkage too! And a chastity cage is certainly one way to keep from having more children!

      Jeez. Sounds like a horrible mother-in-law, Kaaren. I sort of have the reverse happen when the GF's mom was alive. Her mother really liked me, told her that she lucked out, etc .. and belittled the hell out of the GF. I ended up having to verbally slap her mom down a few times.

  3. I'm totally with Karen, I love the exchange rate! Seems like more than a fair trade. :)

    Our first *real* vacation was Cuba last year and we tried to get the best of all worlds. The resort was absolutely gorgeous, everything we were promised, with a gorgeous beach and super friendly people. I spent one day walking the coast, past a half dozen resorts and through a pair of small local communities. The physical contrast was shocking, but the people were just as wonderful.

    We had a typical touristy day of seeing the sights planned but bad weather and terrible waves put and end to that. Instead, we had the guide take us to a few of his favorite places and ended up snorkeling deep inside a cave, which was probably the most amazing thing I've ever done, and somewhere we never would have found on our own.

    1. I tend to forget that we still have a travel and trade embargo with Cuba, but other countries travel there as a tropical island in the Caribbean. I don't think we'll be heading there anytime soon unfortunately. I watched some Youtube videos of people visiting Mexico and seeing the great food for literally pennies on the dollar. Mmmm, real Mexican food .. but not sure that many Americans are welcome. The poor people had to keep telling the vendors, "We're Canadian!" lest they get spit in their food or something!