Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Bath Bombs Baby, it's a Blast, Blast, Blast!

Hmmm, my second caption dealing with Bath Bombs. Does that make it a trope yet?

Well, if you are like me, and even if you aren't, many people hit the Halloween stores in early November to get big discounts on whatever product happens to be left. For me, it's usually housewares and hosiery that can last the year round, or stuff given to gothic minded friends for Christmas. But you still have to be careful what you are buying, and for whom!

This years loot sucked, as the costumes and wardrobe were only 30 percent off, and only the really crappy things like "spider webs" were 50 percent off at Spirit. Target and Walmart were wiped out too, though I snagged lots of candy for the work candy dish. I'm sure all the visitors will be happy with that stash! Luckily I have lots of fishnets saved from previous years so I won't go without!

But I thought about my yearly wanderings to those Halloween stores and came across this picture I'd saved awhile back. She had black finger and toe nails, and it made me think of a guy buying a bath bomb there, made especially for women of course, to bring out their sexy, slutty nature. Of course, I needed a guy to use it, and body-wise I thought that Dave/Desiree would be the perfect victim.

I am too lazy to look up the first caption I made with a magical changing bath bomb, but if you want to see it again (perhaps for the first time?!?) Ahhh, here it is! You are all lucky I like you! :P

It's hard enough to find anything that is gendered towards women only nowadays, so when I find one, I tend to want to keep using it! In a weird way, I'm glad that pantyhose aren't acceptable for men yet, though they don't seem acceptable for women anymore! Maybe we can reverse that trend both ways?

And for the men out there (or lesbian lovers) as long as your woman isn't allergic to aloe or anything else, get her a few bath bombs and put them in her Christmas stocking this year. Lush makes some great products, and they might have something for you as well!


  1. Damn, I've been shopping at the wrong Spirit store all along! If I'd known you were there dispensing your erotic brand of spiritual spookiness I'd have driven as far as it takes to find that store. Any chance you could ship a few of those bath bombs in the mail . . . or would that be considered dangerous substances coming across the border? :)

    I love the post-Halloween sales and always stock up on things. An extra wig or sexy stockings never hurts, a new costume choker is still nice, and I love having a few little bats or gargoyles to add to the office.

    1. I'm sure that if we lived close to each other .. we'd have no idea that the other was into what we are into here! LOL

      Glad to see I"m not the only one to go there afterwards! I've had the whole "we will NOT have that up on our wall year round!" argument a few times.

  2. Damn, I only have a shower. I got to get me a bathtub, so I can use bath bombs. But maybe I can use a shower cap again;)

    To become a trope, I'd say there have to be a few more bath bomb caps than just these two. But this certainly has potential to become one.

    While it is fun to use specific female items for transformations, I sometimes like to use things and that are traditionally in the male area to transform men into women. I like the irony that presents itself with that.

    1. Has my magical bench become a TG trope yet? I think we're up to 15 or so captions with it.

      What sort of items have you used? I figure the irony probably depends on what it is that is that magical item.

    2. The bench captions are definately a trope. You created plenty, and others have caught on with that as well, including me.

      Let's see, there was a fire fighters uniform, a He-man figurine, the General Lee, a butchers meat cleaver, maybe some others, but these don't spring to mind. I know that these items are not limited to men alone, but my first association with them is masculine, not feminine.

      My beer captions did start out with this in mind, because where I grew up, in my teens and twenties it were usually the men who drank beer, whisky, gin brandy and so on, while the women drank white wine, cocktails, liqueurs. However the way these captions developed I don't think they count.
      I haven't seen any beer captions, with beer as the means of transformation that is, before I started writing my first, but I did see several after I created my HeFe Brewery about a year later. So unless someone beat me to it, I may have started a trope myself. (Anyone can point me to a caption with beer as the means of transformation older than oktober 2013?)

    3. <-- that had to have been done by me sometime in 2008-2010, but you aren't really sure if it's the beer or the woman's room. I'd probably go with the latter. Irony is that YOU were the only comment in that posting!

      I know I've made, and read, captions involving alcohol, and probably octoberfest too. What type of person drinking them does play into it, but I hadn't really thought of particular drinks being gendered, other than wine coolers and those with lots of garnishs or flowers in them.