Friday, November 8, 2019

You Should Explore EVERY Single Employment Opportunity!

You never see advertisements for Help Wanted - Waitresses at a Hooter's restaurant .. why is that?

Well, I think this quickie caption explains it nicely!

Found the picture and thought it'd make good fodder for a TG short blast of fun, and the idea pretty much came to me all at once. The following paragraph is pretty moot now, as I ended up changing to the suggestion I had written here, by expanding the caption down to 1400 pixels, and then re-spacing the elements since I probably only needed 1300 pixels. Oh well, live and learn! Guess it goes to show that you don't have to be married to an idea if you can make it better before publication!

Had a bit of trouble ending it, as I only made the caption 1200 pixels tall. One of my thoughts was to go with something like "in 2019, Hooters had a 98 percent employee retention rate . People come for the wings, but their waitresses stay for the breasts!"

So, I think it's much better expanded out this way. Originally it was just the 2nd paragraph and the last sentence at the bottom. I think this is wittier and more much flavorful, with a bit of meat on the bone to chew on .. which is probably more than we can say about Hooters actual chicken wings!

And yes, I'd probably take the job if they let me look like that all the time. A few part-time shifts at night and on the weekends wouldn't kill me!

Blog exclusive, so please do comment in the appropriate section!

Perhaps my favorite version of this song, with massive sounding drums and rave up at the end!


  1. Exquisite idea, and very entrepreneurial of Hooters to offer this golden ticket! Win-win caption, Dee. ^_^

    1. Well, in thinking about it, I honestly had no idea how they stayed in business, so my mind obviously went to "magical CEO turns guys into girls" as the source of their employment pool.

      Truthfully, I knew two girls in the 90's who worked there, and one left to be waitstaff at a pool hall, and another who left to go work as a waitress in a strip club; both saying they were treated better by the customers and staff at those new places than how they were at Hooters, and the tips were better too.

  2. We don't have Hooters over here, but if they could do this I'd love to have them here. And I might take a full time job there, as the waitresses have to be paid at least minimum wages. If I don't go to crazy that will be enough to pay the bills.

    Indeed a great version of this song.
    There was a show on tv just now "The best of...Queen". Unfortunately it was one of those shows where they play parts of songs and during the song "celebreties" get the opportunity to blabber through it. I always wonder who ever thought that was a good idea for a show. I want to hear the songs, not the opinion of wannabees and hasbeens.
    You having this song here made up for that.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the song. Just figured "Spread Your (Chicken) Wings" would be just tacky enough for Freddie Mercury to chuckle.

      It's weird here in America because the federal minimum wage is $7.25. In Massachusetts, it's $12.00 and in Rhode Island it is $10.50. For waitresses, their minimum wage is 4.35 in my state, and $3.89 in Rhode Island .. and federally, $2.13 an hour .. so you certainly couldn't live well at all if you sucked as a waitress!

    2. The minimum wages in the Netherlands are €9.44 before taxes when you're 21 years or older and a 40 hour working week. With 38 hours a week it's €9.94 and with a 36 hour working week it's €10.49. If you're younger the minimum wages are less. I won't say you get rich of our minimum wages, but unless you live in cities where expats and shortage of houses determine the prices of the housing market like Amsterdam or The Hague you don't need tips or even a second job to get by. Then again a lot of waiting jobs over here are done by students who want to improve their student allowances usually as a temp job. However they do need to be careful not to earn too much, or their student allowances get cut.

  3. Super fun sweetie. I don't know how I found this when I did a search but very cute. I actually use to work there for 4 years while in college and some time just after. We were always treated well but i lived in a military city. Like a ton of guys just out of bootcamp. So we made a lot in tips, especially for college. Am sure that's not at ever location. But I learned more about pantyhose, from guys in there, than I ever needed to know. But thank you, put a smile on my face and brought back some memories!! Kisses

  4. Omg no idea why it said unknown... sad face.