Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Camera Brings Out Whatever Damien Wants It to Focus Upon .. A Model's Lament!

A caption for Lacy, who's currently on vacation. Don't spoil it for her! OK?

I am pretty sure I owe Lacy a caption, but she goes away with the family for most of August .. so I am posting the caption here, and I'll upload to her trading folder once she gets back .. as long as I don't forget! That can happen now and again.

As far as inspiration goes, I just saw this picture and thought the model was lovely. The pose was certainly interesting, as it was a shy, yet alluring look at the camera, sexy but hiding in plain sight, with all the angles covered enough to consider this a teasing shot. That gave me all I needed to flesh out this caption fantasy.

The main issue I had with it was not overwriting, and not underwriting it either. I had to strike a balance. It could certainly have been a one-liner like Ann Michelle writes them, and it would have been perfectly fine, but there was too much negative space. I could have cut off some of the rug at the bottom, and perhaps titled the caption near her luscious ass .. then removed paragraph 2 and 3, and embiggened the text font so it would fit in that space, but I wanted people to think that Katie was the model as long as possible, to make the reveal a bit more shocking. I know it's a TG caption site, so DUH! it's not a huge shock, but stretching out the story a bit, with some extra detail, hopefully gets the reader's mind away from the main plot point. So perhaps I surprised a few of you out there!

Which way would you have preferred the caption? The design I presented, or what I had described in the above paragraph? Did I get a surprise out of you, or were you following it pretty closely?

Just got this on 4k Bluray a few days ago, and now this song, of all the songs, is stuck in my head!
Figured that maybe playing it all for you will get it to go away!


  1. I liked it as is.....I think it was a wise choice to make us believe the model was Katie up till the end....I know it's a TG Cap but I was still surprised at the twist!!!

  2. Lovely cap. Love these kind of little twists, and did a few of them myself in the past as well. Love the design as it is. This way the text emphasises the pose of the model.

    1. That was the benefit of all that negative space .. I was able to use it to layer the text right on the picture.

  3. I say it's fine just as it is. Part of the appeal in having a professional photoshoot done is all the details you covered - lighting and angles and filters. I think the whole picture (pun intended!) is so much better.

    Now, what I need to know is this - is he available and what are his rates? :)

  4. I loved it. I would love to do a lingerie and lacy slip photo shoot and to have my wife be part of it would make it very special.