Sunday, August 4, 2019

Dee Mentia or Momma Mentia .. Sometimes You Have to Pick Your Poison Carefully!

Is it just me or has my likeness been much more blonde than I've been in the past?

Maybe it's that blonde gothy witches are much more likely to take you by surprise now .. and blondes do have more fun I've heard. My mom was blonde so perhaps I'm just trying to be more like her?

I had placed this picture in a caption setting and wrote some of the story about 3 months ago, but I didn't like exactly where it was going, and it was a bit confusing .. so I just wandered away from it for a few months. Just came back to it, and simplified it  ..and left the ending a bit more open than I originally planned. I know that the last paragraph is pretty definitive .. but what happens the next morning? What happened to Johnny Football? Will there continue to be two Dee's going forward? Definitely not. I started writing forward, and figured it didn't need to be written as Momma Mentia was going to do something to Bernie as well in the morning after she finishes off her hustle.

I thought about that because even though I graduated probably 20 years after the song came out (and I'm not looking it up to check for accuracy!) one of the prom songs we had to vote on was for "We Got Tonight" by Bob Seger. I think it was a re-release for a greatest hits or something? Anyway, the lyrics match up well with why I didn't think it needed complete resolution. "We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow? We've got tonight babe.Why don't you stay?" summed up both the prom and the one night stand. That was my justification, that everything in the caption was ABOUT THAT NIGHT and we'll figure out the rest of our lives tomorrow.

Sometimes we overthink things, and that is why I have this blog .. to give you the insight into why I put into a caption what is there, and often, what I take out because it doesn't work for what I want to say. I know that if I gave the picture and the basic story line to Sally Bend, Simone, and just a random reader without showing them the original .. I know I'd still have 3 captions that were quite varied in viewpoints and a different feel to them that would be quite visible to anyone reading them.

I certainly wasn't going to post a friggin= Bob Seger song, now was I?


  1. Lovely cap. Love the idea of a double Dee as mother and daughter.
    I must say, Momma Mentia sounds like she could bake a mean melon pie, or give you melons before she puts you in the kitchen to make a pie.

    1. My mom was much tougher than me, though my daughter probably wouldn't say that! One thing she did NOT do was bake any sort of desserts. We were one of those families that ate dinner and had no dessert. If we had money for dessert, we'd have bought better food for dinner! It always astounded me when I'd go out and people wouldn't finish their entree, yet order pie or ice cream, or any sort of dessert!