Saturday, August 10, 2019

Regrets? I Don't Know the Meaning of the Word Regrets!

This caption was me taking a picture and writing what it gave me without a filter or anything.

If you haven't seen this caption before when it was posted 3 years ago, it's new to you! Have fun and see you Sunday night!

I had no places to be, no commitments to anyone else, and I spent it here in front of the computer making TG captions for my enjoyment and yours. Any regrets? Nah! Fuck that! 
As I wrote up above, I saw the picture, thought "No regrets!" and just dove in. Because of that, it was interesting to see where my brain took me. as I was writing on the fly. It started off as a sweet caption (oh! Read the caption first as there are possible spoilers coming up!) where the main character was trying to figure out why would he give up what he currently had, that it sure beat living inside a dumpster in the rough part of town. This is where I was heading until I got finished with the line about male pride .. that was my main intent at first, to puncture holes in "being a man" and when I started to paint the background with the next line, I had to pause. 
I actually started thinking about how *I* had gotten there. First time I saw it that way, because I wasn't sure who this was before then: but if I could put myself in that pool, I would have a better idea what was happening there. I knew that I wouldn't have chosen to have big blond hair, but being Daddy's Girl required that. What I had written until that point was "why couldn't I accept not having power and just enjoy all the things that were given to me, even if they came from something unpleasant. Is it something I would regret?" 
That next paragraph took care of that male pride issue, and introduced HOW I had come to be that. Giving it up wasn't a "reverse the spell" but more of an "escape no matter what" proposition, right? 
At heart though, it was a power struggle, plain and simple. Jenkins tried to subjugate me after he had already defeated me economically. Power is always an interesting topic, and how we obtain, and keep, power has been a topic of discussion for centuries. I thought about those classic struggles to control, and how ultimately it played out historically. Right there I had my ending, which luckily enough, tied everything together nicely into a bow. Almost like I had planned it that was all along! 
The coolest thing about that is while I am on my journey to write the story, the reader is taking the same steps to discovering the ending too. I am not sure there was any telegraphing of the plot, since I wasn't writing it to foreshadow something to be revealed since I didn't even know that I was going to be revealing anything shocking . even though it was something lurking beneath all along .. you can't really change who you are, whether you are a CEO of a company or a teenage girl, you still have that spark of identity underneath that makes us each an individual.
Hard to believe that this is the 20th anniversary of the release of the movie ,"The Craft" I was so much younger then, and so much drunker too. Great witchcraft movie, and though it is a bit cheesy, it is more realistic than much of the movies that have come out before, or since for that matter.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did you have any idea where this caption was going? What would you have written up for a plot using this picture? Does the contrast between this picture and what I wrote make an effective disconnect that makes the ending seem more shocking or are you used to this sort of thing from me?


  1. The story went a different way than expected, but I love it if stories take an unexpected turn, if the turn makes sense in the whole story, like here.

    If I had found this picture, I would probably set it aside for my Towel Day captions. There is a certain confidence in the posture of the girl, so If I would use it, the girl would probably enjoy the fact that she deliberately left her towel on Towel Day, so she would turn from a boy to a girl.

    1. I forgot that you unleash quite a few towel captions every year!

    2. Well, Not every year, but I try to. I really have to get into the mood to do those. It is a great writing exercise though, making as many captions in as little time as possible and trying not to repeat myself.