Friday, August 2, 2019

Clockwise to MY Right Breast, or the Mirror's?

Remember directions can be harder than erect nipples! Perhaps it is best to simplify them?!?

Directions should be simpler, not nipples. I mean, nipples are already pretty simple to operate. I think I should have been clearer in the header crawl!

Anyway, this was one of the first posts in 2016, and I see it every time I open my photo browser, so I figured it would be a fun one for Throwback Friday -- aka Thursday + 24 hours or so! If you haven't seen it before, it's new to you!

Here's what I had to say back then:

The image was saved a month or two ago, and it just lends itself to captions, don't you think? I am guessing it is one of those Brazzer blooper photos that you see now and again, or a model with a good sense of humor. It almost gave me too much to work with, and I had to make sure I reined myself in and not write too much for the photo and overwhelm it.

I said other stuff too, but it isn't really pertinent to anything you need to know right now. Lemmy had just died in December, so I gave him another shout out with a music video, and compared him to Johnny Cash, and Helena agreed with me in the comments. Ian also chimed in .. WHERE ARE YOU IAN? You haven't checked in here in a few months now!

What did Ian have to say in the comments? "Most of your captions have a twist you are taking that to a new level." Yup! Ian always went right to the punchline!

Back probably on Sunday and as I said in the previous post, "I'm going to do an AMA here .. Ask Me Anything .. so leave your ponderings in the comment section and I'll be as truthful as I can possibly be. Also, want to say something about the caption? I am listening! and if I'm sweating, I'll be glistening too! It'd be nice to come back with a bunch of things to talk about! Get cracking!


  1. I love it. That simple "Neat!" is such a perfect twist for such a silly face.

    1. I know huh? I need to find more Brazzer bloopers!

  2. "Ah geeze, Ralphie, you accidentally discovered another new function in The Suit? We've really gotta find that instruction book the aliens gave you. Pam is starting to get suspicious."

    "What are you- Um, I'm gonna go take another cold shower and then sit in a bucket of ice." - Agent Bill Maxwell

    Thotest American Hero(ine), coming this fall to Netflix.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful idea for a reboot .. or reheel!