Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Looks Like You Could Use A Vacation From Your .. Vacation!

If David ever gets caught, this last resort could become .. his last resort!

Suzi (Simplysays) offered a free caption to anyone who asked, and we even got to choose from a number of different pictures. I'll post what she made for me down right here. As I said in the original reply, '"And to steal a line from the Joker, "Wait'll they get a load of me!".'

So, I figured the least I could do is make a caption for her. She likes girls with big boobs, and I thought this model fit that mold with aplomb! I figured a good scheme would work wonders in keeping David in a tropical environment, whether as a woman or a man. Didn't matter that much, as long as he was living on someone else's dime! I consider David more of a schemer than a bad person. Why work hard when you can succeed by hardly working? Works for me! LOL

And for those who take their captions WAY too seriously, you should really just relax like MST3K tells you to, as David has both a duplicator AND a replicator .. they just happen to be in the same machine for convenience sake!

Feel free to heap praise on to Suzi's caption for me, and mine for her. Anything to keep all of us thinking cool and chill. I think I'm going to have some Hot Dogs and maybe make some Mac Salad.


  1. Hi Dee....I'd like to offer you a fact several positions!!!!
    I liked your friend Suzi's caption very much....please relay my kudo's to the author!!!
    And as for your cap....I could easily see a life of lust and larceny while living in a tropical paradise....would I do it if I could....maybe....would I think about it....definitely!!!!
    I never made any claims about being an angel!!!!

    I posted a follow up to your post with me and is a dream for me.....I hope you girls enjoy it!!!!

    1. Oh and I always....

    2. I'll head on over in a minute!

      Don't I get some credit for picking THAT photo for Suzi to make a caption for me? I"m sure it was my wisdom choosing it that made it turn out so well! LOL

  2. Sounds to me like David has it all figured out. Living the dream, enjoying life, and nobody really gets hurt, so why mess with a good thing? If he ever lets that technology out of his sight, though . . . I'm grabbing it!

    And I agree with Kaaren, Suzi did a lovely job of captioning you. I have a total salon fantasy (even just getting a hair cut is so relaxing), so I'm right there with you, and that last line about "Deep down, given half a choice" was lovely!

    1. Well, other than some rich people's credit, you are right, no one is getting hurt!

      Who doesn't have salon fantasies? It was all so secretive, wearing formless plastic gowns to hide what was going on underneath, and those head things that looked like mind control devices, and when they were done? EXTREME curls or different colored hair, or what have you!?!?