Friday, July 26, 2019

Who Can Slumber With All That Witchery Going On In Your Sister's Room!

 Had a few different scenarios in mind when I started and just let the story go on it's own ..

.. whichever direction it wanted to until I ran out of room, then wrote just a little bit more. Originally I had thought of something along the lines of Kevin saying, "Well, you got me good, but you need to track down Dad!  He sneaked out last night in heels and a LBD talking about going to some all night rave!" where Dee had set a spell where any male that touched her door would trigger their spell.

I never got to that point though, because there was much more story to tell relating to Kevin, so that is where I really focused. as I wanted to keep focused on Kev/Ashlee instead. I am still not sure how much was Kevin wanting to be Ashlee and how much was the seeds of girliness they have left inside his mind taking root. Figured that worked well for the caption and the reader could take what they wanted out of it.

I am going to be heading out for a late dinner and maybe some food shopping while the temperature is down somewhat. See you in a day or two, and feel free to comment below on which side you come down on Kev/Ashlee's desires.


  1. I think Ashlee has probably been there just under the surface all along and now that there's a crack in the "wall" she's taking over!!!!
    I mean if he doesn't pay attention or if his mind drifts she starts to see to the tasks that need to be done so it will probably come down to him having to consciously be Kevin all the time because every time he relaxes she has an opportunity to exert her control!!!
    Nice pic too!!!!
    I love when you can just let the story go and see where it leads!!!!

    1. Good point about her having to concentrate to keep being Kev. That sounds like a caption setting on its own! I'll have to file that away for possible future use!

  2. I like the bit about dad - that would have made a fun caption - but I agree it makes more sense to keep it focused, and I loved the bit about gushing. :)

    1. I have sort of touched on that before as well, more of an aside in a caption, but it does warrant a caption of its own at some point I think.

      And as to the gushing, I LOVE that sort of awareness that you are not acting like yourself, but still can't help it. Why have compulsions if you don't really know about them? When someone writes compulsions right, it's one of the best things in the world to read and/or view.