Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Message from the Ethical Treatment of Caption Protagonists ..

Did anyone say that Dee wants to get a little bit META? Oh yeah, I can certainly get META!

Or maybe I won't. Yeah, with a teaser like that, I'm definitely going the full-on meta, which is a nice easy anagram for meat, which I've typed just about every single time I've typed the word meta, either here or on the Haven, where I posted this caption I made or Jezebel.

It's a bit of TG fluff, but as I was writing it, I thought it just HAD to be made. We can take so much for granted when we make captions, that the spell-caster / witch / etc .. has everything set up perfectly for the protagonists changes to take place. A totally new life set up, or ways of handling whatever new lifestyle that has been thrust upon them, or into them, or both!

And I'm not even talking about the psychological nature of such a huge shift in dynamics, or the hormonal shake-up, etc .. I mean, just from a paperwork perspective, how many documents, physical and digital, have to be adapted to make the gender switch happen smoothly? W4's, checking accounts and 401K plans, wills, rental agreements, cell phone plans and other legal documents? That's a whole lot of intricate bureaucracy to wade through for someone who started doing incantations in their bedroom because they were picked on for dressing like Robert Smith from The Cure!

So, I went sort of silly and made up this caption to keep us mindful of our responsibilities .. for at least the next 10 minutes or so! Otherwise it would really cramp my captioning style, and just about everyone else's too. Maybe think about some ramifications within the gender manipulation, and play with it like a kitten with a cat-nipped ball of yarn. Push that caption to the next level.

Chat below about the caption, or give me some questions you'd like answered. I will try to do an ask me anything over the weekend for those who give me something to ponder!

A somewhat obscure song that I had first heard back when I was a young child, going through a bunch of 45's that my parents, or some relatives had in an old box. Thought it was great. Not sure it was a big hit, but it certainly should have been!


  1. To quote everybody's fave yellow dad, "It's funny 'cause it's true."

    Of course, sometimes those omissions are deliberate. :)

  2. It's one of those things that everyone ignores....I mean , here you are suddenly inside a new does it all work.....what about dressing....what about makeup....what about heels....what about these hormones doing things to your mind....what about going to the bathroom....what about periods....and that's all before you even get out the door!!!!!!!!!
    Hi Mom and Dad, I pissed off a lady in a bar, turns out she was a witch and mow I'm a slutty Bimbo, isn't that funny!!!!
    The body swap is usually all about the sex....but what about after.....oh jesus....he didn't use a condom.....could he have knocked me up?!?!?!?
    So much to think about....and just hope that the next woman who hexes you is good at it!!!!
    A cap whose time has come!!!!
    Loved was silly and fun and I absolutely loved it!!!!

    1. I enjoy silly and fun captions, especially when they pretty much write themselves like this one did!

  3. There are so many tropes about this, but short of universal memory- and reality-editing magic, yes, a sudden gender change is a headache. Just changing one's middle name after marriage is a migraine, now imagine your gender, al lchanging.


    1. I remember there being a story series on Fictionmania where there are "Agents" that try to help those who have been changed and fix the issues that go with becoming a new gender, along with the quirks that the spells may have given the recipients.

      In a way, the compulsions trope is a great way to tackle that issue, and being "trapped" to do what a typical female does in those situations is so much fun to work with though.

      One I'm thinking about right off my head that would work in your captioning world would be a boy gets dressed up by someone to go on a double date to a movie .. and even though he's a guy going to a lame horror movie, with a jump scare, he just lets out a big girly EEEEK and gives his date a huge hug and holds him tight, etc ..