Monday, July 29, 2019

Someone's Honeymoon Night Comes True .. Maybe Not Evan's Dream Though!

Or maybe it DOES come true?!? Your results may vary! Not valid in Vatican City or Provo, Utah!

I wrote this as an exercise in descriptive writing and trying to make a bit smuttier style than I usually do. I have an idea, but I'm not sure what happened to invoke this change of events. I'm leaning towards one of Evan's friends, maybe projecting some of his issues onto Evan and Dawn's nuptials, but I'm definitely open to other interpretations! Tell me what you think below?

I had to edit it down a bit, to keep it from having the text be too small, as I originally wrote it on the fly. i had some sort of "Where am I?" thought Evan, or while glancing down at his body, "Maybe it should be 'Who am I?" which is a great opening line I think, but once I had determined Evan was in Dawn's body, well, a version of Dawn's body dressed much sexier than usual, I didn't need it, so I adjusted it somewhat. I might end up using that opening somewhere else if I can remember it! Probably could have gotten a bit more exposition into the story, but I loved the second paragraph so much, that I couldn't leave it out, plus it played once again into his fiance not quite being the fiance that she previously was. Then it was off to the smutty races with the rest of the caption!


When you comment down below, or on another blog .. do you go back a day or two later to see if there's been a response? I was just wondering as I tend to respond to everyone here .. as that is just a common courtesy in my opinion .. and when I comment elsewhere, I look to see if anyone followed up on what I've said. I wasn't sure so I figured I would ask everyone and that they'd be honest.


  1. Oh....godammit....I just clicked back to the cap for a second and I lost my lengthy well thought out comment....
    OK here I go again....
    I'm not sure I followed this one as you intended.....he wakes up in his fiance's body but I'm guessing that it's after the wedding?
    If he's her, is she a chastity cage???? What a hell of a surprise that would be!!!!!
    And honestly....the second graph is good but the fourth graph is the money least for me!!!!
    I enjoy all your caps but I especially like the ones that make me use my head for something else if you know what I mean!!!!

    AS for your question....I do go back to see if there are responses to my replies....I love the interplay with people who have the same fantasies and desires that I do!!!!!
    And I try to reply to as many as I can.....but three blogs and five posts a day....every day takes a lot of I may not always reply but I read them all and appreciate them all!!!!

    1. It was an alternative universe set-up. He was in her body, but a different version .. much more sexual and dominant. She would be in his body as well.

      As I said above, "I'm leaning towards one of Evan's friends, maybe projecting some of his issues onto Evan and Dawn's nuptials." and that friend would most likely be the best man. Perhaps he has thought of the fiance in sexual thoughts, and that she was too good for his friend, but not for him .. and that she would end up taking him away from his old lifestyle, putting him in that metaphorical cage .. and he needed to save him from the dominating shrew wife he was to be bound to. And by saving him, by switching their bodies or something.

      I liken it to a bit of a fever dream, but hopefully a bit more coherent. I'm guessing with a lack of replies, I didn't quite get any sort of ideas passed along to the other readers either!

      For the question I asked .. I mainly wanted to know because I usually reply here, and wonder if people come back to see what I say in the comments. Also, many times, I will say something in another's blog, and I don't necessarily see an acknowledgement or reply when I pop back within a day or two to see if the blogger has said anything in regards to my original comment.