Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Sissies Are Truly Rebels Amongst the Revolutionary!

.. or totally something else! So try being the most noble sissy you can be!

Well, this was another entry I made for Ariel Stars going away contests. She provided the picture and the vague topic she had for it was "boy comfortable in a dress" and I thought it looked like a school presentation / assembly. So why not bring one of the student leaders out to make a sales pitch?

Not sure there needs to be any explanation here, except I think the speaker in white is probably some sort of feminist guidance counselor that has a few extra tricks up her sleeve. Who did YOU figure it was and why the two of them were they giving a presentation?!? Or maybe there's a few others that are going to speak as well? I could certainly see a former mousy geek gaining new confidence under the dominatrix after-school program .. and she gets college credit too!

A few requests and questions from my contact form:
  • I will see what I can do Deviant King about that sort of caption.. not sure how much photo source material is out there to fulfill that request.
  • Someone else asked for more pantyhosed feet in captions. I think I do a fair enough job to keep leg people interested in my work. As far as feet in general, I have nothing against them, and if a picture stirs up a good story, I'll certainly make captions based on it. Take a look at the VR caption I made within the last month or so .. that might help hold you over for the time being!
  • And the question of where do I get the photos I use to caption? A lady doesn't reveal all her secrets, does she? Actually many of them are from aggregate porn sites where I just skip most of the more hardcore pictures, as I tend to just use the set up scene that leads to the sex. Other photos are supplied by the traders as pictures they would like to star in, and good old fashioned search engines help if I have an actual idea in mind before I have a photo to create a story around.
Back in a day or two. Not sure if I will put up a repeat or something new. What would you out there reading this blog like to see in the way of a caption?


  1. Oh, kinky minds do think alike. I knew - hoped, maybe? - this was going exactly where i did, but the discount suggestion was a nice touch. Seriously, though, I love the idea of finding happiness by embracing something that we're told should be shameful and wrong. Life would have been so much easier with that option growing up!

    1. Well, considering it was for Ariel's contest, I thought it HAD to go that way, since that seems to be more of the story-lines goes. I am not quite sure how much "choice" he had at the start of the program .. or if he's telling the absolute truth either or was told to say that .. but I think that is me imposing my viewpoint on how to view tg captions in general. We still tend to see what we want to see. I will grant that its a much more positive thinking caption than I would usually make!

  2. Sissies are the true rebels?
    Well I guess so....but honestly I don't know of many sissies that were football stars....although I'm sure there were a couple!!!
    I love the concept of someone being used and exposed as if it was a community project....
    But most of the girls I knew....although most of the time they were cool but friendly....kind of....
    And to be truthful....many of my male tormentors back in my school days were actually civil and sometimes nice to me if we were one-on-one!!!
    I really didn't completely embrace the sissy lifestyle until I met the beautiful woman I married because she accepted and enjoys it as much as I do!!!
    I liked it....the cap I mean!

    1. School is very much a mob mentality. It takes someone brave to take on that group think, so I thought this would be a fun way to flip the script.

      Looking back, one of the possible hints for women (or guys who didn't mind it) being in control with feminization .. would be the annual thanksgiving rally against our local rival high school.

      Each graduating class would have skits, and inevitably in a class or two, the cheerleaders and football players would swap uniforms so the girls would have on the shirts, pads and helmets, and the guys would have on at least the skirts and socks, with a wig. Usually it was boyfriend and girlfriend that swapped the clothing, and there would be one or two boys out of the crowd that ended up with something "extra" in the dress-up, usually a good amount of makeup. Now I'm trying to remember which ones in my class were the "bonus drag artists"!!

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