Sunday, June 16, 2019

It'd Have Been Much Easier With Snapchat, but This Was Much More Fulfilling!

Why bother with gender-bender filters when you can do the real thing right at home?

My mom could really be chill, and if I had a sister .. she'd have probably made her make me over as my hair grew longer and longer. And it reminds me of the dynamic of how having things peaceful and quiet was the number one priority in many households, much more than fairness.

Mom! Dee tied up little Stevie to his high chair and stuffed a sock into his mouth!
Hush! It's quiet since everyone is now behaving. Keep complaining and I'll send you to your room!

SO it's nice when mothers are pragmatic and happy things are going smoothly, no matter what happens. Not so much for Nate, but just perhaps if he settles down, they'll give him some secrets of how to win the affections of women .. and the ways of how to seduce boys too!

Not that I don't love all of the caption, but I think my favorite part is the double-meaning of Mom's last two sentences. The part about, "No boys allowed over there while I'm away!" which of course is a playful jab at there no parental guidance around so don't get into trouble! But also, Dee could certainly interpret that line to mean Nate is STAY Natalie the entire time Mom is on vacation, with the added incentive that none of his friends should come over either (and would Nate WANT them there would be the added question!) With the last line being a warning not to fall for the charms of any males out there that are interested in him .. regardless of whether he wants it or not!

It's just so playful yet entrapping, and Mom seems to be picking on both kids while saying, "you are in your late teens, for fuck's sake, work out your problems like adults!"

Let me know what you think about the caption .. and how likely would this scenario have played out when you were younger .. even if you didn't have a big or little sister! I can see my mother almost doing this .. probably with more of a "unless he wants to keep doing this, let this whole thing end in the morning, ok Dee?"

And we have a big announcement coming here on the blog soon .. and a few more blog exclusives than usual due to some non-forced type captions I've made for Ariel Starz' going away contests.

Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day!


  1. "No boys allowed over there while I'm away!" could have so many meanings . . .

    Perhaps mom wasn't always mom, and she knows just what Natalie is going through.

    Maybe Simone was already playing with the other boys, and mom knows it.

    Could be mom just wants to approve \Natalie's boyfriends, just like she does with her other two girls.

    Then again, it might be that mom met someone on vacation, and he's excited to meet his newest step-daughter-to-be.

    Funny, I never questioned that this would be permanent. I just took it for granted that mom expects Natalie to be there when she gets home. :)

    1. Can't say I imagined any of those things happening!

  2. Lovely cap.
    I have been dressed up by my sisters, but that was at a much younger age. By the thime I had reache the age of the girls in the picture I was already in the closet, due to some bad experiences dressing up. Like my mother trying to put a stop to it and my sisters starting to tease me with it.

    "Mom! Dee tied up little Stevie to his high chair and stuffed a sock into his mouth!" Thank you for this. I have now the image of Little Steven all dressed up, tied to a chair in my mind. I hope I can replace that by something better soon. ;)