Sunday, May 26, 2019

Spice Up Your Life .. One Weekend at a Time!

There are so many flavors of vanilla, but so many people prefer chocolate! Wonder why?

I didn't have anyone specific in mind for this caption, though some of the more prolific sissies that comment on this blog did have a bit of an influence on this work. I saw the picture, and thought it'd be great for many people to imagine themselves in this situation, since you only get to see the back half of the bottom half of our protagonist.

I tried to portray the standard, "man on top, get it over with quickly" stereotypical husband that has long bored his more kinky wife for years. Picture Mr. Roper from Three's Company but younger or even Al Bundy. I really don't watch modern TV show sitcoms anymore so I couldn't give you a more modern equivalent. (side note: please do check out "What We Do in the Shadows" on FXX for something I am very much enjoying, as I think you can find it on their website to watch.) I even stopped him from using the F-word to help seal the deal of his blandness.

Then I love the contrast between him and the wife, who has obviously become more insatiable and naughty over the years. Perhaps she was his first, and didn't realize how mediocre things were until some time afterwards. She also seems to be ignoring what her hubby is telling her, finding other things to get excited about, and not qualming his fears about what is happening at all. She even seems to be reveling in what has happened. Of course, since you are here on THIS blog, his wife and everyone reading along with his plight knows that it was a complete set up. He was clueless on how to please her to the point that as everything that is happening at that moment is turning her on .. and he STILL doesn't realize what is happening or that she is that kinky to think it's an incredibly arousing moment for her. She's about to take control, and right there is a pivotal position for him to be in for their new-rules and new-roles marriage!

Hope you enjoy, and as a blog exclusive, let us know what you think, and how the story continues on after the caption ended. Like, was it just the way I set it up, or did she do some pre-hypnosis work to loosen him up beforehand? Maybe she tried more subtle ways of getting him on board but he missed it all so she upped the ante tenfold? You tell me where it goes!


Already enjoying the start of my vacation and busy few weeks with the visitation of family members and long time friends, and a cookout then later a campfire. The best way to get me to visit anyone is to say, "we'll be building a fire later on!" Something so primal and hypnotic about fire. Definitely my favorite elements of nature. Got plans for the rest of the week, a trip on the weekend, rinse and repeat almost all the way through to Father's Day, with Anniversaries, Birthday's, Graduations, and the various parties that go with them.

I have this week covered no problem, and much of the next week all set as well, as long as I get a bit of time every few days to write up a quick post with the caption. Trust me, they probably won't all be as detailed like this one up above. However, like this one, I am hoping that most of them will seem to be a bit fresher with ideas I don't usually put forth in caption format.

I am going to try to still respond to most comments left by you, the readers. I love the interaction and discussions that a back-and-forth conversation can lead to, and I still want a connection with everyone, even when I'm not behind the monitor like I usually am. I'll still be on a tablet while not at home, and that should keep me in the loop as far as this blog is concerned.


  1. I loved it, and I loved how open it was. So easy to imagine yourself on that bed, in those cuffs, with those stockings. Maybe I've ready too many of these captions, but I was expecting a 'caught' kind of situation, where he'd gotten stuck in his own bondage or had been left like that but a lover fleeing out the window. Having the wife be in on it was such a fantastic surprise!

    Enjoy your time away, and toast a marshmallow or two or me. There's just something about a long hard stick dripping white goo. ;)

    1. Glad I was able to get your mind going in a different direction!

      Long hard stick dripping white goo? Hmmm, you want S'more?!?