Monday, May 27, 2019

Remodeling the Old School for Some New Students!

Even Goths have to grow up sometime. Most of the ones I know love to bake cupcakes!

It's funny that many of us fans of TG captions tend to love the old housewife aesthetic of hose and heels and pearls and crinolines, but another subculture I know also ends up on that same route .. older goth girls who turn into suburban Morticia Addams. At least two of them have started business baking cookies and cupcakes .. and so I went into that mindset when I was trying to make a caption.

This photo gave me the idea of an old gazebo for an old school. I wrote it out as it straight through, without much in the way of editing afterwards. I think it holds up pretty well though considering I only had that kernel of an idea when I placed the picture in its caption setting.

Hope everyone likes this one. What would you have done with the photo in a story that you'd have written yourself?

Right now, the first game of the Stanley Cup finals is tied 2-2. Lets hope the Bruins can pull this one out! Let's GO BRUINS!

UPDATE! Bruins win 4-2 in game 1! 3 more wins = 1 more cup!


  1. Older goth girls who turn into suburban Morticia Addams? Sign me up - if I'd gone to a school like this, I totally would have embraced been 80s goth girl look, but I would have stuck with the pink cage. A gurl needs a dash of color somewhere.

    A simple caption, but I love it. Nice build up, great introduction of Mistress Dee's voice, and fantastic sexual boost at the end. If she does get it rebuilt, let me know - I would love to go back to school, and maybe explore a co-op placement after graduation. ;)

    1. Getting to relive high school as another person does seem to have its allure, especially if we get to know then what we know now.

  2. That’s a fun thought experiment you have here Dee. What happens after? The transformation is always exciting as is the pre transformation set up. Of course the immediate aftermath of the transformation is wonderful and stimulating… but years after? I don’t think I’ve thought of that before. I kind of like the idea of taking the sharp edges off. Goth to suburban wife. Club girl to businesswoman. Prostitute to madame. I think the only consistent thing would be giving up the struggle. You can only struggle so much before winning out of what you consider ‘bad’ or accepting it as a new ‘good’.

    Madness lies outside those two choices.

    Now, as for what would have I done with the photo? Admittedly, this isn’t a photo that immediately tells me a story and I have to try and block out YOUR story now as it seems to fit so well. BUT… I see her leaning into the photo. She has a happy, knowing, enticing look on her face. The background speaks of a worn down, out of the way, behind the scenes setting. Maybe a drug deal?

    “Hey fella, I see you checking out my curves and your eyes haven’t left my blue heels or stocking clad legs for like two minutes solid. So, it’s not a question of IF you want a dose of femmenique. The only question is how MANY doses you want. What’s that? You’re not sure of the authenticity? Well lemme just show you my drivers license. That’s right… good ole’ Mark Richards femmenique drug dealer extraordinaire never sells sub-par products!”

    1. I like the story you wrote out. But in THIS classroom you better have enough femmenique for everyone if you are going to use it yourself! LOL

      Well, another thought as I type this about a week after I originally wrote it, I am betting that my experience with my old high school a few years ago helped craft this caption too. They had built a new High School and knocked down the old one, and it was interesting to see what had and hadn't changed in the 20 years or so from my graduation. Apparently the school had a lot less students since then, as I can recall looking at old lockers that STILL had The Cure and Motley Crue stickers inside the doors, bands not really famous in the mid 2010's! No matter how rough it was, we can still romanticize our schooling, or at least setting up coping mechanisms that allow us to think that it made us better people in the long run!

  3. You never know... those cure and Motley Crue stickers could be from teenaged hippsters wanting to complain about how there's been no good music for the past few decades!