Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Bestest Auntie His Wife Could Ever Be!

You'd think every girl has an auntie or big sister like her! Just didn't think he'd be married to her first!

I think most girls have an older female in their life that helped shape their early sexuality. Like maybe took them shopping for their first toy, or got them some sexy night-time ware along with bra-shopping. Gave them pointers on how to deal with boys, maybe how to give them clues that you liked them, and fed them chocolate and large coffees when they were going through a tough period. I thought that might be a fun dynamic to have between a former husband and wife after an unwelcome change. Perhaps he'd be embarrassed to open up as a teenage girl, but that vulnerability would bond them in a different way then when they had exchanged vows a few years earlier.

This was another experiment in picking out a picture I had saved and then writing my way around it, incorporating whatever vibe it gives me. And what it gave me was a husband losing a battle to the hormones and the inevitability to becoming a girl maybe 15-20 years younger than he was before, and some resolution in how things were going to be going forward.

SO MUCH PINK and purple and girlish garish over-the-top silly giggles in such a tiny area! Of course it would overwhelm anyone, even someone that hadn't been changed somehow. Once again, I don't know how it happened, and I didn't even ponder it until now.

Maybe you know how it happened, and would like to tell everyone below? Sounds like a plan to me. And you could answer another question I have .. do you prefer to have everything spelled out for you, or do you like to speculate, dream, etc .. about the things I don't put into the captions? I was just wondering if I have people that come here and think, "Dammit! Why can't she just spell everything out to me, especially if I don't get all the clues Dee thinks she has left in these captions!" If that is you, here's a chance to tell me that you feel like that, and maybe I can figure out some sort of middle ground for everyone, or at least keep things a bit more balanced.

Looking forward to some comments, as I never really know what exactly will tickle a person's fancy enough to say something. Many times I will post what I think is a killer caption that should lead to a good discussion and I'll get a "good caption!" comment, and other times I make something I consider more like filler or a writing exercise, and people come out of the woodwork to give their 2+ cents!

So, as normal, it's a crap shoot! Especially when it's another blog exclusive! See you again soon!


  1. As you know like a full change, so long as ends as that ( or at least in my mind it does) I am happy, given the genre and reality most the time looking for escapism which for me is investing in the characters so they are all girl and happily so, and guess maybe that is boring to some people but is my way of enjoying the caps
    even more

    1. So that is the main point you'd like to get to, a resolution that they are now, or becoming soon, a girl with membership privileges?

      Glad to see that most of my captions have at least some sort of close resolution to that. Yay!

    2. Yes they do thank you, like this one in my mind she is not changing back, by that time she only knows herself as a girl growing up and now a vivacious woman

  2. I always seem to have perverse little stories swimming around in my head so I like the caps that offer me the option of filling in the "blanks"...
    There have been a few times where I might not have seen right away what you were aiming at but luckily you put an explanation of your idea on almost every single post!!!
    I like reading about your creative process....sometimes I just sit and think about what I want to write and then spend ages looking for the pic that matches my thoughts...other times I see the pic and inspiration comes like lightning....whether it relates to my real life or my fantasies....or if I just think it's funny...
    Unfortunately with the demise of Google+ I really have lost the space where I put most of the funny ones....oh well....
    Anyway....the pic is adorable and I would trade places with "her" in a heartbeat....and you can never have too much pink, can you?
    Very nice cap Dee....it did leave me wondering if the poor guy will be really unhappy on his twentieth birthday....if it was me I'd probably be inconsolable!!!

    1. Glad you enjoy the creative process slant of this blog, because that was what I set out to do. I've also learned that so many people can take what I wrote and interpret it much differently that how I intended it to be .. so why not leave some other stuff vague?

      And I am not a jealous person in general that I HAVE to be the one to get my readers to cum just by reading my caption. I love that they can take it in many different directions and give them a more personal experience. We all get off in different ways, so I don't mind letting the readers drift away to their own resolutions, by guiding it just enough to get the wind underneath their sails!