Saturday, February 2, 2019

Obviously Some Sort of Conspiracy!

I have narrowed it down to the National Dairy Council or a gaggle of vampiric Nicolas Cages.

Just a silly bit of fluff for the mid weekend post. I saw another picture sort of like this one but it was from someone's public blog and I didn't feel like possibly going through the drama of using the photo and then having to take it down, plus it's always bad karma to do so .. hence once I had the idea, I just did some Google Fu to locate another picture .. and found 2 of the same model and dress.

So then I just started writing, knowing where I needed to end up and working my way there from the start. I ended up cutting about 2 sentences worth of words to tighten it up so it'd fit within the parameters of the text area I had set up. I know I had something about a VPN there, but I figured I'd geeked out the paranoia enough with Tails and Tor for those in the know.

I'm sure an actual abduction is just utter terror to go through, but it's always been fodder for comedy, and that is what I went for here. A level of comprehension just slightly beyond one's grasp is a plot point I've used a number of times, and it always amuses me.

And I do have an affection for conspiracy theories, no matter how out there they may seem. I don't necessarily believe in them, but I love to figure out how someone can think a few of these could actually be possible. Right now I'm watching a series on Houdini's magic tricks, and while they focus on the escapes, they are also trying to sell it that Houdini also might have been a spy! Even though what we think about spies really didn't exist until the shadows of WWII. I believe in the October Surprise with Reagan and also that some other people besides Oswald acted in concert back in Dallas in 1963, but if you asked me who .. I'd hate to say that I might agree with Roger Stone's theory, one which I held before he wrote a book about it a few years ago. Uggh!

Was Jim Morrison an agent for the CIA, embedded to keep an eye on the counter culture, then offed in either a voodoo ritual in New Orleans, or had another body placed in the Paris France tomb while the former Jim Morrison went to work in some shady banks that financed black book operations? Probably not, but it is still a fun thing to ponder!

Of course, Weird Al does everything better. Don't take my word for it, watch the video for proof!


  1. This was cute and funny....
    What can I say about Conspiracy Theorists....I worked with one back when I worked st a job outside the house....sometimes worrisome, sometimes pathetic, sometimes enjoyable but almost always funny as hell.
    He actually had the tinfoil over his windows at home!!!! And a vast library backing up his nutty ideas....some of the books he showed me seemed almost reasonable and some were downright hilarious!!!!
    Years ago I stumbled on to the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea where they took every conspiracy and cover-up and tied them all together into a very funny's been reprinted into a one volume collection and is well worth the's a little dated as it first came out in 1975 I think....but it covers pretty much everything from Dillinger's assassination by the FBI Ito Kennedy's assassination in Dallas....from the Freemasons to the Hippie counterculture and there's even a golden submarine!!!!
    I cannot recommend it enough!!!

    And the cap....funny and wonderful!!!!

    1. Yeah, some people on my facebook have the Pizza place stuff, along with Hills with Russian uranium and false flags and everything. I know of Robert Anton Wilson but can't remember what exactly I looked at, unless his work was part of an old book I had called, "50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time" which has been expanded quite a few times since then.

      I have other conspiracy captions too! Anyone can find them by going on the right hand side of the page and type in "conspiracy" into "Search This Blog". I did it last night to make sure I didn't repeat too many things here .. I am clear, except I used Weird Al once again as the song of the day!

  2. Nice dress shame about the hair and make up , maybe a pissed off tg clown