Wednesday, February 27, 2019

10th Avenue Freeze Out!

Or the weirdest "Earnest Goes to .." movie yet! Check out this blog exclusive inside!

Well, I saw the picture whilst surfing the web and I just had to use it. Wasn't sure if anyone actually would want it in a trade, so I made a blog exclusive. Who wants just their ass to show in a caption, right? It's just an amusing photo with hopefully an amusing storyline to go with it if you don't think about it too much.

But, it's actually pretty dark once you get past the chuckle. Think about the setup for a moment and the nicest thing about it could be that Bill is being cuckolded by his wife without knowing and she set him up for anal sex with her lover that lives next door .. somehow with all the stars aligning.

Yeah, that is the best case scenario. Otherwise, there are so other implications that are like WHOA!

So this is the counterpoint to the positivity caption from Tuesday night. One that might have turned dark but didn't, while this one looks like some innocent fun and veers way off the rails!

But since it's fiction, and no one got hurt in real life, we can still laugh like the dickens! YAY!

It's a blog exclusive, so please comment below. Did you figure it out right away considering the subject of this blog? Or did you have half an idea but not sure where it was going to turn out? More importantly, what happens next?!?


  1. Ah freezers....I have a freezer story....
    My wife and I were shopping for a new refrigerator and I think we were in Sears...We had drawn the attention of a particularly zealous salesman who offered to tell us all of the features that we could clearly read on the tags attached. Generally making a nuisance of himself...
    So I told my wife that I would draw him off so she could shop in peace and I went over and started looking at the freezers....after a few moments I waved him over to me and asked him about the specs of this particular model....he seemed only too happy and began his sales spiel...
    After a few moments I stopped him and pointed to my wife. I asked him if he thought I could fit her body in this freezer without having to cut her in half....he laughed a little nervous laugh and I followed up with maybe I could just cut her feet off...
    He excused himself and my wife and I resumed shopping and we were not approached again by any of the sales staff....we ended up buying a fridge elsewhere but we did go back to Sears and bought that freezer...unfortunately my salesman friend wasn't there that day...

    As to your cap....I liked it very much....caught ass up by the neighbor thinking he'll just go away and then learning so much about just how neighborly he was!!!
    Did she set it up....I don't think so...I think it was just one of those things that happen!!! Maybe lucky for all involved depending on how much everybody enjoys the idea!!!!

    1. Those are the things I would have said 5-10 years ago. Everyone is now too serious and I'd probably have a mall cop stop me if I said something like that now! I mean, a few years ago, we were looking at a car for my GF, and the dealer should us like a Tercel, and I was like, "Jeez, I don't think you could get more than one body in there with a 50 pound bag of lime and a shovel. What else you got?" He had a great reply. "So I assume that you'll be paying in cash?"

      Well, I know many people are quite friendly with their neighbors, and some have keys in case they have to take care of the dogs, or collect mail. I have my doors double bolted because of our neighbors!

  2. I'm going to take Kaaren's view on the comment just a bit further. I'm going to call it a very happy coincidence! First because he has been working out and making his ass so inviting. Second his being dressed in crotchless pantyhose. Third that his neighbor is so attracted to his wife, and willing to take the chance on slipping it in her ass. Finally that the neighbor enjoyed it so much he just kept going once he found out it wasn't the wife!

    Now I'm wondering if maybe the husband set it up, not the wife???

    Joe D. Footsniffer

    PS: Never joke about cutting off her feet! He,he,he!

    1. That's true. I never thought that he could have been doing it on his own!

      I did write it though that the neighbor thought it was Bill's wife, and not Bill. As always, I leave my captions ambiguous enough to invite other interpretations.

  3. Oh, I suspected this was going dark from the start. At first, I was waiting for the ah-ha moment when he realized just who was bent over in the freezer, and then I started wondering why Bill didn't say anything or do anything.

    Was he just afraid of being exposed, and hoping the neighbor would leave?

    Was he maybe stuck, his stockings sliding on the floor, leaving him unable to free himself?

    Was he, just maybe, hoping that something like that would happen? Did he, for instance, leave the front door unlock on purpose, or suggest his wife take his car so it would look like she was home?

    The more I think about it, the more I think Bill set this all up . . . and I'm totally okay with that!

    1. My thought process was, and as mentioned above, usually the captions are ambiguous enough for many interpretations like yours .. that Bill cleaning the bottom of the freezer really thoroughly because his wife was going to do something special for him .. perhaps involving cross-dressing, or he was doing it on his own, but more that she probably knew. Neighbor came in and thought it was the wife, and he'd already been having an affair with her (my initial thought) so "hey easy access!" and it would have been consent technically. Then I thought to leave it vague. At that point, Bill just wanted him to go away, so he took it without saying anything, because that could be even more embarrassing .. just let him finish and leave and they'll deal with it later. Then the neighbor finds the note and .. end of scene!

      And you make sense that it seems more likely that Bill set it up than his wife .. though perhaps he was expecting her to come with a new strap on and he was all ready to play, and it just ended up being the neighbor that came (literally!) before the wife got back from the store.