Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Secret Shared Becomes A Girl's Night In!

Sometimes having a link from the past come back and influence the future is a good thing!

In this instance, apparently things work themselves out!

I do love a good and happy ending when it's warranted! And this caption for Lacy certainly should have most readers smiling from ear to ear. For those who actually have lived this scenario, I'm betting you couldn't chisel a smile off their face with a 12 inch cock! (looking at you Sissy Kaaren!)

This time I played by all her preferences, because I wanted this to be an affirmation styled caption, where everything was coming up roses .. well except for a moment of doubt .. I mean, you NEED to have a balance. It can't be ALL good! You have to have that nervous feeling in the pit of you stomach occasionally, right?

The only thing I toned down was the last paragraph and that was due to the circumstances I had set up. Originally I had them shopping potentially for a sex toy; well, maybe not, but the idea was to place that in Lacy's head .. nervous and unsure .. but I know some sisters share all sorts of secrets with each other, but I wasn't too sure about putting his sister and his wife together at all in that situation. Besides, for Lacy's captions, it is all about the dressing up; not necessarily "being" an actual woman in a sexual position. Discretion was the better part of valor here and I am glad I made the call, which I think is the right one. What do you, the readers, think? Tell me down below in the comments!

Lacy did like the caption too!

We all have our past and it can come back to haunt you.  But here, I seem to have won out!   Yes, my secret was shared, but my wife took it in stride.  I now get monthly dress up sessions and lots of new lingerie and lacy slips from both my wife and sister?  Yes, this is a win.  Plus, it stays where I like it inside.  The best of both worlds.  Many thanks!!!!!

And that is one of the tricks with captions. Many times, it isn't just what you put into it, but what you leave out. Edits can make all the difference: from length of story so it doesn't get too tedious or drawn out, to what part of a picture you'd like to highlight in the setting, or figuring the best way to go when your mind gives you a possible fork in the road. Do you stay the course, or venture off and see where it ends up? Luckily on this caption, I took the better road and that has made all the difference.


  1. Over the last year i wounder if Lacy has experienced being taken by a strap on from her wife or her own sister? To night the two woman thought it would be great if lacy got a real man to take her for her anniversary gift, Lacy's wife has had her on hormones the last year Lacy is at the point that she will have to come out to her family and her co workers but Lacy's wife is just fine with this as long as lacy lets her wife bring home a man once in a while.

    1. Yeah. That is what I was trying to avoid this time around. Lacy's preferences definitely don't follow that sort of story, so I made sure to stick to mostly cross-dressing in this caption.

      Not saying what you wrote wouldn't be similar to something I'd write for a different recipient.

    2. Not a problem sweetie! We do have to remember that most of these captions are made for a particular person, unless it's a blog exclusive.

      As mentioned, it is why I started down the "sex toy" path and then switched up gears. Neither way was particularly wrong plot wise, but she would not have liked to have been put on hormones or cuckolded.

      Thank you for your comments!

  2. I didn't have a sister.....and I was seriously envious of my friends who did....imagine having access to the feminine world that it would give you!!!
    After I lost my job I became a pretty much full-time sissy and she let several of her friends know how my status had changed...
    The first time I was exposed to one of her friends I wanted to run and hide...but she was pretty nice about it....she asked me some questions about why and so on....
    The next time however, she was ready....she humiliated me and,I have to admit, I loved every minute of it!!!!
    So in a nutshell....it's always dress-up time at our house....but sometimes it comes at a price!!!!
    Loved the cap Dee!
    PS Did you ever grab those files? I was listening to them again last night and they're so good!!!!

    1. I believe it was a live concert, and I already had it. Very good show!

      And I figured that you had some sort of experience like this caption, and I had a good feeling you would tell us about it too! There really has to be a good amount of trust between you, your wife, and whomever you two invite into the circle so that issues don't occur that can flip your life upside down.

      I can remember staying over a friend's house for the weekend and peeking his older sisters room when she'd open the door, and seeing all the lingerie, pantyhose, heels and skirts (she was a waitress!) just laying around, strewn all about, and wondering .. is there a way I could sneak in and steal any of the hose or something slinky?!? Glad I didn't even try, as I don't think I'm very stealthy!

  3. I love it - those sexy, positive, sissy affirmation captions always put a smile on my face. There are so many ways that situation could have gone wrong, and so many people who would have turned it into a punishment or blackmail scenario, but a once-a-month girls night is a dream come true.

    The suggestion of sex toy shopping would have been fun - my mind was actually headed somewhere kinkier (Kaaren is such a bad influence!), with them bringing back a friend to christen the new girl - but I think you're right, keeping it clothing focused makes everybody smile.

    1. Well, that can be the issue .. in real life. Wives and girlfriends are unpredictable enough without throwing something like that into the mix. SO many different ways for them to get upset, mad, confused, feeling betrayed, often all rolled into one.

      And of course, Sissy Kaaren is a bad influence on everyone! I've learned some interesting things from her .. mostly insight because I honestly don't have that mindset, and it's so intriguing to wrap your mind around thoughts and feelings that are a bit alien to you, and then try to understand it through her own point of view.

  4. What a lovely positive caption. Love it!

    1. Yeah. It's good to have them from time to time. Then again, I don't often do utterly evil captions either. Well, from time to time. Maybe playfully evil!

  5. Loved the caption. Keeping it in the family and still being able to crossdress would be fine for me. Especially since I get to wear a maid out and lingerie. I may have to ask for more than just once a month though.