Sunday, May 27, 2018

Naval Stargazing! .. It's Still Active Duty in a Metal Tube!

A new way to continue to serve your country .. coffee, tea, or Audrey?!? Come fly the friendly skies!

Made this for Audrey (aka Alternate Life Pinups, see her link in the blog section!) and as many of you probably already know, serves in the US armed forces (not sure if she's officially done with her service time yet) and has come out to some of her superiors. I figured I could make a caption that does deal with current real life events, and still make something a bit fantasy oriented too.

I found this picture somewhere on the Internet and I thought it was perfect for what I wanted to write story wise, and I think they really fit in well together. Not sure if you noticed, but design-wise, I worked in the colors of her neckerchief into the background of the text box. Lastly, I also liked the dialog between the officer and Audrey. I know that I'm kind of known for it, but it's nice to know I can still make it fresh and snap after all these years.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day, and don't forget to honor those who didn't survive the wars they didn't start, but helped bring to an end. I will around sporadically through the rest of the week as I have a vacation that started on Saturday, and will be away from home for a bit. I'll still answer comments when I can, so make sure you leave some for me to read!


  1. Major Gore's wife thought he was in the special forces. He could get in and out quickly and without her even knowing!

  2. Not interested in the subs? Long hard cylinders just FILLED with seamen?