Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Just One Dress Can Do It!

Temptation thy name is dress. Now at the half way point in my epic vacation!

Made this for Dawn (Commentator) on the Haven. I like that there is no real definite way to see it .. whether it is magical, or more of a mental or physical slow change. I can see it being both, but more so as an awakening moment at the discovery of the dress, and the follow through that leads to the ending. Anyway, I thought it was a positively affirming caption that I wanted to share with everyone.

At the midway point of my vacation now, but since it's almost midnight, I'm finally starting to drift to the "going to have to get back to reality" part that dreads facing work next Monday. Luckily I still have lots of adventures left on my plate. It's a stay-cation for the most part, though we are going away for a night this weekend and we crashed at a friend's house the Sunday right before Memorial Day. We are barely home at all during the day, mostly doing local events within 60 miles north, south, east and west. We actually planned out a day for each this week! Then when we are back, the GF and I have been busting our asses to clean up the apartment (mostly at night when it's cooler here.)

SO far, this plan has worked out great, and I feel like we've accomplished so much. Wonder what we could do if we didn't have to work our asses off for a living?!? Since I didn't plan ahead like I was going to, I'm not sure how much will be posted the rest of the weekend. I think we'll have a throwback caption tomorrow, and maybe schedule something new on Friday or Saturday, but I can't really guarantee a new caption until Sunday night, but keep checking in. I am going to deal with any comments from the last few days right now. Feel free to leave new ones for me to reply to below!


  1. I agree, the ambiguity really works. I originally read it with the expectation of that dress sparking a magical transformation, but that I changed my mind at the end, seeing more of that mental change, being able to imagine that feminine version of himself.

    Well done - and enjoy your vacation!

    1. I like trying to go against the norms, and as I was writing it, I definitely did not want to limit the caption to just a magical situation. Obviously there was a reason why he didn't get rid of it, Maybe the spark was always there and needed some tinder to set it off.

      Thanks. I am having a blast. Tired as hell though and we've got more adventures to go! I think work might just be a decent respite from my vacation!

  2. I read it as a reawaking of an old passion. I am of next week really must tidy up. My place looks like one of those hoarder places you see on TV.