Tuesday, April 17, 2018

At Least Your Wife Didn't Turn You into Ursula!

Although that could be fun as well, since she seems to have that Drag Queen thing down to a T!

I was in the mood to make something playful and fun, and when I saw this picture, I knew that I could whip something up with loving banter between 2 people that were obviously in love, even though the magical wife, to put it nicely, is a bit of a loon. I mean, making your hubby into the different Disney princesses so he'll be able to differentiate between them? How about just watching all the movies and then quizzing him first? Then again, I don't particularly like Disney movies, so this could be what would be in store for me if the GF was a spellbinder or proficient with potions.

As part of the design work that many captioners like me put into their craft, the color scheme to the text background is in Snow White's palette. I always try to integrate colors from the image into the text field itself, and it really worked well for this photo, making it an even more coherent piece.

I know I haven't talked much about caption design lately, probably because most of my readers are now just interested in TG captions as opposed to a few years ago when more captioners were my audience. If anyone has questions about the composition of what I am making though, PLEASE ask. I love helping people figure out how the TG caption sausage is made, and it isn't that hard. The tough part is coming up with new scenarios when you've made 2000+ captions already! If anything in any of my captions makes you ponder about a choice of words, or colors, fonts, etc .. speak up and I'll be happy to let you know the WHY behind what I did. Sometimes things are a happy accident, but more often, it's a choice I have made on purpose.

Back in a day or two with perhaps another caption with this same model, and the snappy dialog that goes with it. That or perhaps something to do with cheerleaders? What sayeth you?

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  1. Really??? Still no comments??? I guess people just don't want to be immortalized in a wonderful Dee-lightful cap to call their very own!!!
    We have friends whose daughter we've watched grow up from the beautifully innocent Cinderella to a stunningly slutty Elsa from Frozen and I would have gladly traded places with her any time during the years!!!!
    I think every Sissy wants, deep down, to be a beautiful Princess!!!
    Hope you get more replies than this one....this was a fum cap and I'm sorry it got past me the first time around....I love it!!!
    If only I could get those birds to help me dress like that....so far all they do is wake me up and shit on the carpet!!!!!