Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Rookie Mistake No Husband Should Make!

I have almost made this mistake once, as I hadn't left the store yet!

Wonder if the the same result would have happened? Made this one almost a week ago as Sue Do Nimm in the comments asked to see a new pregnancy caption. Certainly felt like it was time for one and I went hunting for a photo to use, and this one generated the story I put into the caption setting.

My GF is plus size, so I can certainly understand the confusion as many stores, especially Target, tend to place the maternity clothing right next to the "women's" or "ladies" section. And once clothing goes to CLEARANCE, all bets are off. Some brands will at least be nice and list a "M" on the label, as in "16M" or something like that. The protagonist here hadn't learned that lesson .. yet!

I really don't have much else to say at this point. Personal life is still busy, and not in a fun way, but we are coping as best we can. Hoping to be in the mood to caption, but haven't had the drive or mindset to do that, and it usually makes me feel better when I do create something. It's really hard when family members can be energy/emotional vampires. Anyway, I hope that you all are enjoying what I've been posting; that gives me great solace to know that people look forward to the captions that I make for others. I'll certainly field other requests if you have them, as maybe they'll jog something in me that gives me inspiration.

Coming up soon .. A few different captions starring the model currently in the featured post in the right hand column. One deals with a special furry blanket, and the other with .. Disney Princesses!


  1. I like it. Nice, subtle progression - nothing overt or shocking, just an awakening almost.

    As for personal stuff, be strong, know we're all here for you, and take some pressure off. If you can't caption for a few days, we'll all understand.

    1. Thanks! I am not even sure who/how he was changed. Was it his wife doing it as a punishment, or the sales clerk thinking the outfit was for him, or that only the person the clothes were for could return the blouse at that store?

      The irony of all this is I was picturing the story happening at a Marshall's and I'm pretty sure that they don't have a Maternity Rack.

  2. Slight over reaction! Great cap Dee