Thursday, April 19, 2018

Russell Starting Collecting 70's Fetish Memorabilia

I just can't stop using that model's images, as she's got something about her that is just magnetic.

And I've used her once or twice for Feargas, so I've got continuity going on that front. We can now add fluffy blankets to the list of mundane (and lots of weird things too!) objects that I have used to turn some unsuspecting guy into a hot woman.

 I'd like to see some comments with ideas on interesting or odd things that just MIGHT be next in one of my captions. Who knows? Perhaps it will inspire me and you ideas will become a virtual reality in caption format! I'm sure there is something you can recommend!


  1. Okay, fluffy blanket is cute, and definitely fits the pin-up theme.

    As for other mundane objects, I'm trying to think of things a man could easily come into contact with. Maybe a napkin or wine glass (restaurant setting)? A towel or a spray bottle (gym setting)? A clothes hanger could have lots of possibilities!

    1. Those are some pretty good ones I think and also pretty sure I've got pictures of both of them. I'll try to keep them on my radar for future use!