Sunday, December 3, 2017

The "Boy" in the Glass Bubble for a New Generation!

His new milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

Honestly, I have no idea how the pheromones got into his room. Perhaps there's a birth control factory in town that's been dousing the people with them for years now. Then again, how would there still be boys around at all then? If anything, he should be "the last man on earth" if we are doing a science fiction thing. But then again, who the hell would want to see a naked guy behind glass with a bunch of horny, big breasted women trying to get with him? Probably myself if it was actual real life, but like that will happen.

So, yeah, its entirely implausible and the caption isn't that coherent, but it seemed like a good idea the other day when I made it! I guess that if someone had a real low immunity and everything was being filtered out but the female stuff, it is possible. I pretty much made this because the model was sexy as hell, naked, and surrounded by glass for some reason! I was determined to find out why and write about it .. and you now are looking at it too.

Trying to get this updated quickly. Got many things done today and didn't start this until about 15 minutes before midnight. Hope everyone had a great weekend and read the previous post if you haven't. There is a lot more information there than here, including an update about Erin.

See you in a day or two!


  1. Don't overthink it - I like it just as it is!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes we should let a silly TG caption be a silly TG caption!

  2. Maybe there are genetic girls outside also watching the boys and they just happen to always sit under the air intake. But i well go with Sally lets not overthink it.
    Is he also allergic to curtains? Who designs these glass bubbles? putting them next to play parks? It's An accident waiting to happen.

    1. I think glass bubbles are going the way of the Iron Lung.

      If we lived in glass houses, anything could be a curtain, right?