Saturday, December 2, 2017

Found .. Guitar, Lost .. Manhood! OR A Flying V does NOT stand for a Vagina!

Made this one for an old friend on the Haven. Also, updates on TG captioners, the blog, and more!

This was created for GreatGooglyMoogly, or Googs as we call him. He hasn't made a caption in over 4 years, but still does quite a bit in the RP section of Rachel's Haven. It is pretty much just the celebration of a guitar and the person playing it. There is just such a connection when the instrument feels like an extension of your own body. Just tools in the right hands make great works of art.

And how to contrast that? By having a feline percussionist by her side! He knows what has happened, while she is still caught up in the wonder and feel of finding such a wonderful piece of musical history. I based the cat off of Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

It's cool when I can throw in an animal transformation into a TG caption. While I do prefer male to female changes, people into lesser creatures is also an interest of mine when it's done right .. which probably should be amended to the TG side of things as well. I've been known to root around Doc's Lab looking for some good stories with animal TF. Maybe you'll find something you like too.

In other news, I did end up contacting Erin91, from Erin's Lustful Thoughts. She is healthy and safe, and left for personal reasons. Quitting the website and Haven was something that she had thought about for some time, and finally pulled the plug on it. The TG community will certainly miss her, but I am at least happy that she left on her own terms.

Also, Caitlyn of Caitlyn's Masks fame, has been posting recently, though it's mostly about the Role Play website she hangs out and RP's in from time to time .. D+X Institute. If you are looking for something incredibly structured and detailed, to the Nth degree .. that is the place to go. It is far too regimented, and Dom/Sub for my tastes, especially with the punishments, but that just might be the thing you have been waiting for.

And if you didn't read the last caption posted here, Courtney Captisa has a new TG Mall book out. Check them both out. It's worth it!

I also had my second request since I've been doing this blog, to pull down a picture that was used in a caption from about a year ago. I complied within an hour of receiving this message, and as I did the first time, removed the photo from the caption, just leaving up the text that accompanied it. As I've said before, I have no problem taking down something that infringed upon a copyright or something related to privacy, especially when the request is posed cordially. The sources for these captions are usually from aggregate collection sites, and models / photographers and not often aware of where their works are being displayed.

I should be back on Sunday night with another caption, this time I think it will be referencing an old Travolta TV movie. Nothing like mining the classics for TG captioning stories, right?

You can see the guitar in the caption towards the end of the last guitar solo, off to the side of the stage. I'm not sure there is any footage of him playing it on Youtube. This is just a monstrous song with an incredible solo. Him dying in a plane crash in front of Ozzy himself is a huge musical loss.


  1. Love this post. Glad you tracked down Erin. Its always good to know disappearing bloggers are ok. Best wishes to her.
    The caption was great fun. plus a Salem, STTW LINK. Plus Aleister Crowley (I've been watching a few documentaries on him,Weirdo!) Oh, and Randy Rhoads, Ozzy, TG, and Tuna.
    Can't go wrong.

    1. Glad you liked it. I knew that it would probably have limited appeal due to the topic, but figured that some people would appreciate it.

      And re:Erin, I was concerned because usually when someone vanishes like that, it's not a good sign. As it was, I had emailed her a few weeks ago and had just gotten her reply last night, a few hours before I posted this.

      The main thing she wanted to point out was the amount of time it takes to make captions and the blog around it. Unless you make captions steadily, I don't think most people know how consuming it can be, and I think she decided to do other things with her time, considering how little feedback many of us get.

  2. ones gender for a amazing talent and a legendary guitar. Doesn't seem like that bad of a trade to me. Too bad for the drummer.