Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Santa Claus Stole All Our Gifts .. and My Gender Too!

If a fat man in a red suit can sneak into your house, you really need to get some better locks!

I am still bathed in the spirit of Christmas right now, and when I was looking for pictures to caption, I came across this one .. and it tickled my fancy, so to speak. Why save it for next year, when I already have a story in mind that I might forget. It's after Christmas now, but the GF and I haven't put away all our gifts yet; they are still next to the tree. And I did get her a T-shirt nightgown sort of sleepwear, so that drifted me over the story I ended up writing.

Originally, my thought was that the "Santa" had forgotten to take the stockings with him, and there was a 500 gift card to Victoria's Secret so that Desiree could at least get some foundation garments .. and that his wife would say something like, "the stores aren't open until 9 am anyway, let's go have some steamy lesbian sex!" which would be perfectly fine. But, I was running a little out of room, and I wanted to show that he was a good hubby that knew her sizes, and that perhaps, he'd end up wearing sexy outfits he'd bought her in the past. From there, I thought a bit more embarrassment might be had if the gender transformation was caught on camera! That appealed to me more so I went with it.

Now that the holidays are almost over, I have to get back into the swing of things in reality. That means making some "normal" TG captions soon! I only have one or two left that I haven't posted, so I need to get cracking on that.

I also wanted to visit other's caption blogs and wish them a Merry Christmas, but I got sidetracked with real life, so I am sorry to those I haven't been able to personally wish good tidings upon, but I will offer them up to you now! Let me know what sort of captions you'd like to see coming up here on the blog, and I'll see if I can make them a priority before the New Year approaches!


  1. That is the trouble with Christmas so much build up then in a flash over and back to the grind.
    Maybe that could be a caption theme the most embarrassing , humiliation transformations caught on camera.

  2. Well the husband is not weirded out by the wife's reaction. I think the wife had this all planed when she wrote a letter to Santa.
    Dear Santa,
    I have been a great girl this year all my children are married and moved out my two grand babies are well. My wish is that I could have the perfect lover this year seeing my husband does not really love me any more because I am older and my boobs sag, we still have sex but the love it gone.
    A text came over her phone. My dearest Mary your gift this year will be the only gift under the tree, HO HO HO.
    Well why don't we go back to bed and snuggle till the son comes up Dianna. That sounds fun I get the strap on this time as the two older woman kissed under the mistletoe and walk back to the bedroom. nether one got any sleep the next six hours.