Thursday, December 28, 2017

Those Balls Are a Distraction!

But these are much easier to handle!

Running an old caption that I really like. It's humorous and playful, with hypnosis and accidental trances with someone who doesn't know what they are doing. Just the sort of whimsy that can take your mind off of freezing temps outside for a moment. This morning, whatever birds were left around here decided to leave some moist dropping on my windshield that almost immediately froze solid. How do you explain being late to work with THAT reason? Uggh!

SO yeah, it's been that kind of day. Hell, the UPS guy was wearing pants! You know how cold it has to be for that to happen? I usually love having people come to my work as it keeps me sociable, but today, each time the door opened and people stumbled through it, all I could think about was, "CLOSE THE FUCKING DOOR!" as it just kept sucking all the heat out of my office.

Why didn't I post a caption with snow or someone being cold? Because I saw this one first and I really like it and it reminds me of the days when Petra was roaming the Haven like a sexy goofball, flirting with everyone until they were aroused and amused at the same time.

Besides, I figured it could use some more love, and that most people haven't view this in almost 4 years. The people who commented back there were Linda Marie Daniels, Petra herself, and someone posting anonymously asking for more hypnosis captions. Don't think any of them come around anymore so for many, you are probably seeing this for the first time! That means you have no excuse NOT to comment, unless you are one of those 3 people, and if you ARE one of them, that means you have even MORE reason to comment as we haven't a clue what happened to you recently!

Like I wasn't going to post this song .. You knew it, I knew it, Dr. Spock knew it! Here you go!


  1. Sounds like Peter needs to do the same to Damien.

    1. I would imagine that will happen, but first Damien has to service Peter/Petra. She did ask for it when she said, "Oops! Fuck me!"

  2. Nice to see an old caption and you swinging your balls about.

    1. I think I am going to sprinkle more into the rotation again in 2018. I am not sure if there is a "Netflix binge" type of TG caption blog viewer that comes here, so I would think that many of the old ones could become new again!

  3. I like it!

    But of course, I love this kind of humour too!

  4. I would *love* to see a follow up on this caption. Either with Damien following through on Petra's command, or with Petra accidentally feminizing Damien due to more careless words.

    On another note the picture is so perfect! The model's eyes and lips are striking and her black/white outfit is absolutely stunning.

  5. You know....every time I see a pair of balls in front of me I can't tear my eyes away!!!
    I never saw this one before Dee and I'd love to see some of your older will be like taking a walk down Debauchery Lane and seeing how you turned out so delightfully you!!!!
    I hope you're keeping nice and warm in this arctic weather...Put on something pretty under the flannels and cuddle together for warmth!!!!